• Tank Girl wrote:
    I’d love to go to Russia !!!!

    want to go on the trans syberian express but too much money that I dont have at the mo, defo one to do before I’m too old!

    i was about to go to russia for higher education….but its so hard to find an apt in moscow or peterograd now adays. there SO expensive, i was shocked to see the prices. i…[Read more]

  • hmm….well true. the netherlands for obvious reasons haha. germany (again 4 obvious reasons since germany is the most populated nation in the EU and they got very nice beer 😉 ) but russia…….uhm…..a lil head-tilt action goin on with me on that 1.

  • thx. ya know, for a brief moment, i was afraid i might loose my mom but (don tmind me getting religous for a sec) but i m happy jesus didnt take my mom ‘home’ right now. iam greatful for that. 🙂
    in all honestly, my moms accident brought me and her closer together as a mom and her son should be. which is a great feeling.

    btw, whats your take on…[Read more]

  • the rev wrote:
    stay strong mate we are here if you need us

    yes-yes i know. i can always count on you guys here on partyvibe to be here.

  • Agent Subby wrote:
    Crying is a wonderful out-pouring of emotion man and to be with your dad during this difficult time will be of so much help to the both of you. My prayers and thoughts are with you Stephen.
    All my love from another Stephen:love: :love:

    yes i know….it will be so hard for me and my dad to make ends meet with the bills…[Read more]

  • :crazy_diz thank you my friend….its just so hard now a days….were waiting and waiting for the lord to call my mother home….and i know in my heart she’ll be in paradice soon man… dad, whenever there is another surgery or operation that needs to be performed, he always asks to me ‘Stephen, how much can mom take-?’ and he always…[Read more]

  • NuamiTu18 replied to the topic "Hes baaaaaaack!" 😛 in the forum Chat 13 years, 2 months ago

    true true. i almost got a lil ‘lucky’ but thats a different story.good thing the prom was themed after a rave….would of been heaven for all of us on this site huh-?

  • NuamiTu18 replied to the topic "Hes baaaaaaack!" 😛 in the forum Chat 13 years, 2 months ago

    the first pic is of me of course….
    the second pic is of me, and my friends juan and paul. hahaa, we were crazy at that prom. i wish 4 hours didnt go by that fast…..:(

  • NuamiTu18 replied to the topic "Hes baaaaaaack!" 😛 in the forum Chat 13 years, 2 months ago

    oh ok then.

  • NuamiTu18 replied to the topic "Hes baaaaaaack!" 😛 in the forum Chat 13 years, 2 months ago

    ok thats good that the forum wont be closing anytime soon.
    uhm….i would attach the pics, but i dont know how….:cry:

  • General Lighting wrote:
    the biggest problem is both sides (militant Christians and Muslims) are equally up for war/jihad and what one lacks in hardware/firepower the other one makes up for in sheer stubborness and determination

    and the angry young men on both sides are prepared to sacrifice not just their lives but thousands of others…

    then…[Read more]

  • USE wrote:
    hopefully this is just a self-defense mechanism for iran. the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction kept the USA and USSR from desrtoying the world (just) and personally i think if the USA has nukes, everyone should. better a world full of scared leaders than just one agressive leader. if america did attack irans nuclear facilities…[Read more]

  • General Lighting wrote:
    TBH I wouldn’t advise either.

    don’t believe the overoptimistic hype of the media either (particularly with a US spin or if you are being told stuff from your potential universities trying to get hold of an expensive foreign student). remember you are an intelligent young lady living in a high income area of the USA.…[Read more]

  • NuamiTu18 replied to the topic Rave music or not-? in the forum Chat 13 years, 7 months ago

    yea i agree with ya on that anything can be remixed. that did pop into my head and all but i just needed somewhat of an experts opinion on it.
    and yes i also agree that it dose now fit into the catagory of club music rather than rave…..but what is rave music exactly-? theres yst so many different types its hard to say really. a few raves ive…[Read more]

  • hmm…never really thaught about it all that much till just now. well, i guess the reason i picked my username is just because O-zones my fav band and all, and right next to their song DDT, Numai Tu is pretty awesome to. that and the fact that iam 18. :horay:

  • thanks 4 the cool welcome! awesome to see i got some replies. 🙂
    in about a year (or until my mom drops) lol, ill be in Amsterdam with my dutch freunds, Berlin with mein deuchen freunds, and then Moscow with my ruskie friends and then for my higher education in Russia.
    yea i agree that i should read up on e and all that stuff, but the thing is…[Read more]

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