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      FFS – people go to all the trouble to cut their own homegrown rap CD and then kill each other over the lyrical content? that’s way fucked up IMO, and all they have suceeded in doing is proper hotting up their estate and probably getting the place put on lockdown with armed cops…

      I’m glad we don’t have this on the free party scene yet, despite some dark moments most peopel try to keep things positive..

      Rap CD link to gun murder

      A GANGSTA’ rap CD is being linked to the murder of Richie Holmes, who was shot and killed in the street.
      Detectives investigating the 21-year-old’s murder in Greenham Crescent, Chingford Hall estate, believe a track on the mixed CD was the catalyst that led to him being shot dead in the early hours of November 4.
      Leading the investigation, Det Ch Insp Matthew Horne said the CD had a number of tracks on it by different people, including Mr Holmes.
      One of the tracks mixed by a teenager caused a clash with another group of people because they claimed it “disrespected” one of them and it led to an escalation in bad feelings, he said.
      It is believed Richie was shot while defending the youth whose track was at the centre of the dispute.
      DCI Horne said: “The CD was cut with different tracks on it and a lot of people on the estate ordered a copy of it.
      “One of the tracks disrespected an individual and that was the catalyst. The CD was circulated around the borough through word of mouth.”
      He said there had not been a “wall of silence” about the murder and a number of witnesses had come forward.
      DCI Horne added: “The difficulty is in getting people who are willing to provide evidence about what they are telling me in confidence.
      “The only way we will be able to charge Richie’s killers is if somehow that can change.”
      He understands people living on the estate may be fearful of offering information but he urged them to do so.
      DCI Horne said: “Our message to these people is that we are very experienced in addressing these fears.
      “The greatest respect they can give to Richie is coming to us with information and not seeking retribution.
      “They can come forward to me in confidence and we can discuss ways in which we can help support them prior to them standing up and giving evidence to us.”
      Valley ward councillors say they are concerned that gun crime could be escalating in Chingford and are holding a joint surgery with police on Saturday at 10.30am at the Paradox Centre in Ching Way. Four people have been arrested and bailed in connection with the murder.
      Witnesses or anyone with information can call 8345 3775 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
      7:36am today

      By Naomi Wright


        Simple minds looking up to their American influences. What a waste.

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