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      some background – Essex was an area where promoters were particularly militant, organising their events as quasi-legal enterprises, charging entry fees, and even seeking publicity in Mixmag and on ITV (Anglia) TV!

      one organiser was prosecuted under PEL laws and served prison time (the only incident in 15 years I am aware of of a custodial sentence being handed down for an unlicensed rave)

      from essex police website. URL not provided for security reasons.

      ‘Don’t do it’ warning to rave organisers
      By Peter Laurie

      Police and district councils have joined forces to send a warning to anyone planning an illegal, unlicensed rave musical event this year:

      Don’t do it.

      The message has come from Essex Police and Braintree and Uttlesford district councils.

      In the last three weeks, there have been successful prosecutions concerning the organisation of two unlicensed musical events last year in the Braintree Police Division, at Elmdon and Stebbing.

      This is testament to the close working relationship between the police and district councils, who are committed to dealing with this problem.

      Essex Police will take positive action at the scene of such events. As well as prosecution, this may include seizing equipment. In certain circumstances a court will order the disposal of these goods.

      Popularly known as raves, these events mainly involve large groups of people trespassing on land and playing music loudly, sometimes continuously in excess of 24 hours, and causing disruption.

      The noise is just one problem. Most organisers have little regard for safety precautions to protect people who have paid to attend and the land owner is usually left to pick up the bill for the clean-up operation.

      Acting Superintendent Stuart Ashton, of Braintree Police Division, said: “Each of these events has a great affect on our community. Officers have to be diverted from more pressing needs and this also has a real impact on our policing capability, so we will make every effort to bring those responsible to justice. These two recent cases will serve as a reminder that we do mean business.”

      April 27, 2005

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