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    General Lighting

      This projector (BENQ MW523) is going to be set up in a fixed position of a “quiet room” with some other lighting and better loudspeakers, as to make the room quiet you have to put more noise in (it took me a while to get my head round the concept; it was through listening to Radio Maria NL that I worked it out).

      The plan is the seniors at my work can in there sit there and look at scenes as if they have gone to the woods/seaside (or the room could be used for watching movies/listening to music); to get the picture sizes right I am testing it in a conference room each evening…

      This is HD on an angled wall

      but that makes it difficult to measure the distance; so this old bedsheet is hung up to be more vertical)

      SD 480p 4:3 video projected on to the sheet

      and HD 16:9 (with local geese)
      I got a spare bedsheet from the nurses downstairs (2600mm x 1600mm) and managed to project an image 2360mm x 1300mm onto this keeping the projector (including cables) within a distance of 3800mm raaa

      General Lighting

        there was this 1970s era store cupboard already in the room which would have to be hauled out of the way of the screen in any case; it turns out the projector sits nicely inside it at just the right height – there are 3 holes made on the RHS for the ventilator fan exhaust; which keeps the whole lot below 33 degrees Celsius (eventually that will have a louvre grill put over it) and 2 for cables at the back; otherwise when not in use it looks just like a 1970s cupboard raaa


        I have to put these signs on stuff because of EU safety rules..



        and I found this video for Daftfader 😉

        I’d seen a Dutch version of the original (the dude also sings about buying a load of geese (which are the most expensive of poultry to keep and raise)) but this one is fairly recent; Paul Vaes is a Dutch actor and singer who trained in the USA and has been in a few films and many theatre productions..

        Mijn hele hof vol pluimvee: eenden en ganzen
        Al dat gefladder en gewiek maakt da theel de stad om verlossing bidt.
        Maar datgekwaak, gekwek, gekwetter, doet mij dansen, klinkt in mijn oren als muziek: want heel de stad hoort hoeveel ik bezit!

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