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    The “moonbulbs” (3 x 1W RGB LEDs with a rotating plastic prism) are cheap and pretty; so I bought annother. Added to this is a RGB remote control lamp; an E14 blue LED lamp which was initially going to be used for the boiler control indicators but ended up spare; and that cheap red laser I bought a while back.

    I nearly considered buying a moonbulb for Angel as a present (they can be put into any standard light fitting, even in kitchens) but I’d have to send it from England which makes the baldy men suspicious (as if someone would send electronic equipment to the rest of Northern Europe) and wasn’t sure if she was sensitive to fast moving light (which was why I had to remove the first one from the residential home installation in the first place). Though I think EPC1 contravenes most EU rules for electromagnetic radiation; what with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi kit running full tilt; a GSM terminal and 3 DECT base units all in the same place… (this

    Hopefully I get to finally tidy up the place to the point I can use it for mixing again this Xmas raaa

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