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      ok so i found this out last week its not amazing but usefull if you are out in your car and it starts playing up get to your nearest tesco if you breakdown in there car park they have free rac cover for there carpark so they will come try fix the car or tow you 10 miles for free bare this in mind because you never know when it might help 🙂 barnzy


        how you find this out?


          haha my mum got stranded mate she broke down some one came out spoke to her and sorted it thats how saved me the hassle of towing her home but the rac guy told her if your ever gonna break down and dont have cover pull in a tesco they all have the same cover for any where on there property


            not bad

            Tank Girl

              they also will help at the airport carpark , have been bump started a few times


                we dont have tescos


                  ok then well you can push the car home free of charge . so where you from?


                    @Tank Girl 344064 wrote:

                    have been bump started a few times

                    Is that what the kids are calling it these days? :love:


                      Hopefully i pass my test soon!

                      Im not quite so dangerous anymore 🙂


                        My tip of the day is about phone upgrades. My advice: Don’t get ’em!

                        I’m with the network 3. a couple of years back my 18 month contract was coming to an end, I was paying £15 for 500 minutes any time any network – somewhat sort of a sweet deal I thought. Anyroad towards the end of it was was offered an upgraded free phone if I took out a new 18 month contract with 500 units (includes text this time) any time any network.

                        I refused. Don’t fall for the free phone offer PV people.

                        They bug me for ages until my contract expired – I tell them I’m just going to roll along with it month to month. Cos I’m out of contract, T-Mobile / Vodaphone and all other networks start calling me – they must have us on some sort of database – offering new deals to me. I keep saying no.

                        Finally 5 months after my contract had expired 3 become desperate and offered me the contract I am on now:

                        A new phone
                        18 month contract
                        500 units any network
                        2300 (two thousand three hundred – not a typo!) minutes to other 3 networks
                        All for £13.50 per month

                        My bills have never been so low and I’ve yet to meet someone who has a deal better than mine.

                        So when it comes to an upgrade people ignore it for a while (and the temptation of a free phone) and the company will come back with a better offer.

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