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      According to Wales on Sunday

      Cops are spreading muck to stop illegal raves in Wales.

      Farmers in remote parts of the country are being advised by police to cover their fields with fresh manure to deter fashion-conscious ravers stepping foot on their land in designer trainers.

      And officers believe the organic crime-buster is already bringing a sweet smell of success in West Wales.

      ‘Who’d want to have a party and camp in a field covered with fresh dung or slurry?’

      In August 2003, 20 party organisers approached a farmer in Marloes and told him they were about to have a party on his field, and he was unable to stop them. More than 500 people attended the illegal rave, which lasted four days.

      This year Dyfed-Powys Police teamed up with Pembrokeshire Council, the National Park Authority, National Trust and other groups to try to avoid a repeat.

      Police monitored potential sites and had a quick response team on standby at high-risk periods for signs of disturbance.

      Pc Max Bevan, a community safety officer in Pembrokeshire, said: ‘If farmers want to spread muck on their field then it is a pretty good deterrent, and we do have a ready supply of that material here!

      ‘After the events last year we have proactively attempted to prevent events taking place.’

      Julian Salmon, Wales director of the Country Land and Business Association, said the slurry method was tried, tested and very successful.

      ‘When people spread slurry on the fields it seems to calm the ravers down,’ said Mr Salmon.

      ‘It makes the field less attractive!’


      Wales on Sunday

      October 3, 2004, Sunday


      What I’m wondering is:

      Where did that get all that shit :confused:

      I’d be worried about trainers?

      Would I want to go to a shit party?

      A quick shit response team? Is that how my taxes are being spent?

      Oh Julian Salmon? Everyone knows he’s a cunt:rolleyes:


        hi i live in wales brecon area and had noticed in an old rave place there was a big heap of munuire and red and white tape across a forestry track i thought it was too stop raves but didnt realise the police had ordered it thought it was just some farmer afraid of people enjoying themselves they can’t do that to every forestry track or field surely there cant be enough animals !!!!! its better than raids in the long run even though i love raving

        General Lighting
          can just imagine a telly series on S4C

          EXT: Several cops in (CID and uniform) staking out a field.

          SOUND FX: (Airwave radio bleep, followed middle aged female control room operators voice with mid-wales accent)

          “All units from WH WH stand by to deploy muckspreader…”

          DS GAVIN JONES: (into radio) ” Muckspreader GO! GO! GO”

          Tractor with blue lights and siren with battenburg patterns and “Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police Rapid Response Unit” markings comes zooming in and spraying muck everywhere..

          DC GLYNIS EVANS : “Gav, shouldn’t we have got out of the way first?”

          someone should nick the manure, bag it and sell to old ladies in the village for their plants – then use the money to buy rig bits 😀


            oh you beauty!
            then they could sell it back to the conservative club bowling green to put on their roses.

            they’d get hooked on the good shit, then, when supplies ran short we could surprise the toffs with a yuge moot

            or whatever 😉


              Won’t stop us-we got gas masks…


                they have only spread the shit coz pigs love rolling around in it so much

                happy as a pig in shit springs to mind

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