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      ……….. I like it!:p


        Your new cut suits you for sure.

        How have your holidays been? I haven’t heard from you for a while now. What’s have you been up to?


          …. hi Klark.. Ive been super! A very good Christmas… I got a mini-disk recorder which I THINK I can use to record sets @ my parties.. hopefully it will work & I wont have to lug my CD recorder w/ me every time I go….

          BUT I have been so busy playing my room mates new video game that I havent tried to record anything yet…..I never thought I of all ppl would be enthralled w/ a game about shooting ppl & blowing shit up… ‘Conflict: Desert Storm’ fucking rawks! lol… doesnt that sound awful??

          So what did u get in your stocking Klark?… not very many lumps of coal I

          …… The Lady


            Minidisks are very useful things aren’t they. I’ve had one for a while now and in my opinion they beat other formats hands down in usability and quality!

            Anyhow, my christmas has been really good too although it’s hard to remember much of it. Presents I was given included a nifty water gun, a Hawaiin flower necklace and some other things as well.

            Any news about these venues of yours and yours plans to move to another state?

            PS: …yes. Judging from it’s title that game sounds truely ‘orrible!


              no further progress on my moving plans… but I still would like to.
              I am currently doing a series of monthly events in a town 3 hrs away (Lancaster, South Carolina) Coming up: Jan 17, Feb 21, & havent decided Mar. date. My last event @ that venue (for the season) will be in Mar…
              After that I will *hopefully* have something lined up down here (Myrtle Beach).. Im still looking for a suitable venue that doesnt cost a fortune… I have my heart set on an event that is ON the beach, though Im having trouble finding somewhere that I feel would be right setting…..


                Beach parties can have great atmosphere. I was at a party on the coast not far from here at the weekend. It was wicked fun dancing through the water under a full moon with waves almost up to the level of the rig.


                  I know- I think it would be awesome to have the sun come up & the party still going strong…. it would be so dramatic w/ an actual East coast sunrise on horizon…. ahh


                    Beach parties are the best! 🙂
                    Having the dj cut to God Save The Queen while burning an effigy of the Queen,on the Jubilee weekend,was a blast!


                      Caw, we have our booze in the garden to keep cold:eek: The beach would be blooming freezing;)

                      Please send me some warm new year cheer.:D


               Cliff! That sounds like a pretty cold garden!

                        Last night (New Yrs Eve) it was so nice outside that we had the doors & windows open, sitting on the back patio drinking frozen mudslides. (Im not a regular drinker but I have to say they were very yummy)

                        Whats the exchange rate like there? $1.60 American to 1 pound? We’ve been thinking about going to England but I think it will be during warmer weather.

                        By the way, *~HaPpY*nEw~YeAr!!~*



                          Originally posted by Lady Luck
                          We’ve been thinking about going to England but I think it will be during warmer weather.

                          that’ll be those two days in August then:D

                          It has just turned from wet to cold and wet:D


                            heres a shot of the back yard.. taken a few weeks ago when it was rainy & foggy


                              Hey,there’s room for a reasonable system and a good crowd in your backyard-do you think your neighbours would mind a little party?


                                lol Nomad….
                                The neighbors are still reeling from our 4th of July party 3 yrs ago…. Theyre like 70 yrs old & being bombarded by firecrackers is still fresh in their memory. The cops came 3 times about the noise & the 3rd time when cop was leaving, this deaf kid that was there cranks up the bass as loud as it will go…

                                I would LOVE to have another party in the yard this summer… We can disguise it as a cookout that lasts a REEEAALLY long time.
                                😀 🙂 😀

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