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    Any one in the UK, I seriously suggest thinking about opting out of this, they are selling this information to people, I’ve seen the price plan for your medical records personally! I’ll Link to it below.

    As it stands you still can’t opt out of actually having your data sent off to these people, but you can get any personal identifying information removed by opting out. The bulk records with no personal data are the cheapest to buy on the price list. There are some people working hard to try and change it so you can fully opt out and have no information what so ever leave your GP, but only time will tell if they are successful. I’d sign up to the newsletter for medConfidential if you want to be updated on this issue.

    medConfidential | Keep my secrets

    Here’s how much your information will cost to buy (from the .gov website) …

    Here’s the official front for this …

    Summary Care Record

    You should of all got a leaflet delivered to your house about this (it looks like standard junk mail).

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