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    General Lighting

      they also charged in GMP area and kettled students in Colchester but this wasn’t reported as much because it isn’t Londonistan..


        @mungo1972 408072 wrote:

        Hi General Lighting ,
        Your right in the old days the colour of the extinguisher told you the type it was , as well as the writing on it . Now with EU regs , they are all red with writing and most put a colour band on as well ( for people that dont read or are foreign ) . I do think the old system was better as you just saw colour and knew straight away .

        I know what you mean by bcf and co2 drenching systems in frame rooms or any electrical board rooms . Nasty shit , some places i used to work at the room would seal and drench the room in a secondary agent . Basically the room was starved of oxygen by the secondary agent , no oxygen no fire . Unfortunetly if you didnt get out in time …….you died !!!! unless you had rescue sets in the room .


        yep we have a giant tank of fm200 gas in our server room… always MUST remember to disable auto release when going in there… or itll end badly!!


          @process 407956 wrote:

          now your talkingraaa id be there with bells on if there was a loud rig! get em to have the protest on a saturday!:wink:

          Yeah, the 1994 Anti Criminal Justice Bill march was a good ‘un. Finished with a bit of a rave in Trafalgar Square. Loads more exit points too..

          General Lighting

            I think the Met hadn’t quite worked out how to kettle people yet, and they were only just installing all the CCTV…

            raves then definitely were more interlinked with other alternative causes, but by the late 1990s the gary boys, hedonists and selfish libertarians had taken over the scene 🙁


              Indeed. Quite interesting watching the few police, in their shirtsleeves, with a dog on a lead, as the protesters attempt to storm the gates of Downing Street.

              Mind you, a lot of controversy at the student protest about storming the crowd with horses. That’s not storming! This is storming..

              General Lighting

                cops use all sorts of jargon – for instance the term “riot squad” is not popular with cops, they are “TSG units” and a “riot van” is a “serial” (I think this is because the bobbies sit on long bench type seats and the sarge and driver are in the two in the front), apparently there are two different terms for a full charge with mounted units as opposed to just riding horses at people – the metpol press officer even said this.

                the “hearts and minds” game needs to be won by the students, as the only way the cops can go from here is back to the bad old days of the SPG pre-emptively battering people – at present most normal folk don’t like this level of Police violence but our current tolerance was built around better economic times..


                  @General Lighting 408164 wrote:

                  I think the Met hadn’t quite worked out how to kettle people yet, and they were only just installing all the CCTV…

                  raves then definitely were more interlinked with other alternative causes, but by the late 1990s the gary boys, hedonists and selfish libertarians had taken over the scene 🙁

                  also the justice bill riots had a lot more to do with ravers than the student ones….


                    good article here…

                    “Some of them have fainted, and need medical attention, or the loo. They won’t let us out. That’s the point of a kettle. They want to make you uncomfortable, and then desperate, putting your route back to warmth and safety in the gift of the agents of the state. They decide when you can get back to civilisation. They decide when the old people can get warm, when the diabetics can get their insulin, when the kid having a panic attack can go home to her mum. It’s a way of making you feel small and scared and helpless, a way for the state’s agents to make you feel that you are nothing without them, making you forget that a state is supposed to survive by mandate of the people, and not the other way around.”

                    New Statesman – Inside the Whitehall kettle

                    and also a link to the conspiracy theory about the police van…. The mystery van | Latentexistence

                    good photo


                    General Lighting

                      them girls weren’t born when that van would have actually been in service!

                      I saw a few comments on the Guardian website from teenagers who were on site, claiming that after the media got their pics, the girls got shouted down though and ignored, called posh bitches, some rude boy waved a knife at them (why weren’t they nicked? its illegal to carry knifes!) and they eventually had to retreat or disperse for their own safety and abandon the van to the mob.

                      (it was later picked up by a low loader and driven off by the CSI units)

                      it is shit the students got kettled, but its minor compared to what used to happen at protests and between cops and the alternative communities in the 1980s and 1990s during the last recession – and also the in-fighting between various factions on the streets. We’ve had it relatively good, now the good times are over.


                        @General Lighting 408260 wrote:

                        it is shit the students got kettled, but its minor compared to what used to happen at protests and between cops and the alternative communities in the 1980s and 1990s during the last recession

                        this is only the start of the protests though, can see the violence getting worse as people get more and more frsutrated on both sides…

                        see 9.12mins in to see the chief inspector cheerily saying right lets go punch somebody!



                          sure youve prob already seen this gl…

                          but another video about the van setup..


                          about 1.20mins in..

                          General Lighting

                            @process 408262 wrote:

                            this is only the start of the protests though, can see the violence getting worse as people get more and more frsutrated on both sides…

                            yep, but unfortunately when it happened in the 1980s all that did was result in the protestors causes being ignored, and entrenched the position of centre-right govt in this country – from 1979 to 1997 😥

                            there just isn’t the support in this country for (progressive) activism, the activists themselves are all divided (or can be divided with enough pressure) along class / race / gender lines and worse, we are infecting the foreigners in Europe and beyond with support for the centre-right and even the hard right and pro-free market ideology as it gives short term economic gains (for instance its cheaper to set up a business in the UK than many other European nations as taxes are lower)


                              again about 1.20mins in same guy. apparently he speaks at speakers corner, seems like quite a powerful speaker.


                              and the conspiracy about the van goes deeper… :-O

                              think the guys name is michael heiko khoo from what he says in first vid, had a look and cant find anything on google to a webpage he might have tho…

                              and maybe the protests are starting to have a small effect or at least making the politicians make the appearance that it is anyway…

                              BBC News – Clegg refuses to say if he will abstain on tuition fees

                              General Lighting

                                wow this is like a 1980s spy movie, Heiko Khoo (he appears to use an Anglicised version of a Chinese name without a full “Western name”) is actually an old style socialist funded by the Chinese Government :laugh_at:

                                He was apparently at the Tiananmen Square demonstrations but on whose side?

                                he doesn’t look that Chinese either, although its possible one of his parents are English and the other Chinese.

                                Heiko Khoo | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

                                Heiko Khoo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                the problem with protests in England is people protest for the wrong reasons – always lower taxes (such as the fuel protests) and individualist campaigns (faith groups etc) rather than solidarity with others…


                                  mental! good detective work gl! gonna see if i can find some of his talks now, nice one 🙂

                                    To Mark Field MP concerning Police Abdication of responsiblity on Nov 24th
                                    Right Honourable Mark Field,

                                    I am a PhD student at Kings College who attended the protest in
                                    Whitehall on the 24th of November. At the start of the gathering at
                                    Whitehall I saw the abandoned police van. I was most concerned that it
                                    might become a target for vandalism. Therefore before anyone had
                                    damaged it I went straight to the police in front of the Treasury and
                                    asked them why the van was there and suggested that they move it to
                                    protect it. When the police ignored my request for them to protect
                                    property and prevent a breach of the peace, I personally went the van
                                    and told students not to touch the van. This led to some students
                                    trying to stand between the van and a small group of protestors who
                                    wished to damage the vehicle.
                                    I asked myself why did the police refuse to do take any notice when
                                    they were warned?
                                    More distressing still was the fact that after graffitti was written
                                    on the van the police still refused to act.
                                    Then some people began to vandalise the van, police still refused to act.
                                    Finally myself and a few dozen school girls stopped the attack on the van.
                                    But still the police refused to secure their van.
                                    Nearly two hours later a more serious attack on the van took place in
                                    the entire time the police too no action to prevent this damage to
                                    The impact of this is well known to you. Please can you make enquiries
                                    of the police and government, asking why this happened? Please take
                                    this up as a matter of urgency as you are aware we are dealing with an
                                    ongoing issue.

                                    I was most alarmed that the police then justified the kettling of
                                    children on the basis that the damage to the van was a breach of the

                                    From a study of the legal oath sworn by all serving police officers it
                                    appears that by refusing to act that the officers at the scene
                                    deliberately broke the spirit and letter of their oath to the Crown
                                    which reads

                                    “I, … of … do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I
                                    will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with
                                    fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental
                                    human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I
                                    will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and
                                    preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and
                                    that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my
                                    skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully
                                    according to law.”

                                    Police Reform Act 2002 (c. 30) – Statute Law Database

                                    Below I provide you with video evidence that shows that this
                                    abdication of duty continued for 1hr and 55 minutes during which all
                                    the officers present broke their oath.
                                    Evidence of Abdication of Police responsibility “to prevent all
                                    offences against people and property”

                                    On this Sky News footage of the attack on the van you can see at 13.12
                                    the van was intact except for some graffiti. School kids protect the
                                    van, and the TV covered this. Why don’t police intervene to do what
                                    these school girls are doing? If the crowds were considered violent
                                    then why did the police refuse to intervene to protect these young


                                    After the first video the students moved away from the van, in this
                                    video from CNN you can see there is no one between police lines and
                                    the van, yet the police did not secure their van, note the back
                                    windows are not broken. At 0:47 you can see police on the steps of the
                                    Treasury and almost no students in between, also at 0.49 you can see a
                                    clear view through to the main police line in front of Parliament
                                    square with almost no demonstrators in between, so why did the police
                                    not intervene then to protect their van? At 1.24 they show earlier
                                    footage to the end of the clip (compare numbers behind the reporter to

                                    In the following video from Sky News you can see that it was 15.07
                                    when the van was attacked again. I simply could not believe that
                                    British police would stand by for 1hr 55minutes without making any
                                    attempt to protect their van.

                                    Please can you take this matter up with the utmost urgency?

                                    Yours sincerely

                                    Heiko Khoo

                                    To Mark Field MP concerning Police Abdication of responsiblity on Nov 24th – SpeakersCorner

                                    General Lighting

                                      clever argument, but its possible he might have vested interests in making the British Government look even more like chumps (not that its difficult for them to do so on their own)

                                      Opinion –

                                      look at it this way, if Beijing didn’t see him as a friend he wouldn’t have made it out of Tiananmen Square alive…#

                                      who pays for him to attend Uni I wonder? he looks a bit old for “student days”, I’d say he was in his late 40s / early 50s, perhaps he’s been in uni since 1979 :laugh_at:

                                      China Internet Information Center
                             – China news, weather, business, travel & language courses
                                      The China Internet Information Center offers broad access to up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position papers and a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

                                      The authorized government portal site to China, – China news, weather, business, travel & language courses is published under the auspices of the State Council Information Office and the China International Publishing Group in Beijing.

                                      also, the best footage of the riots at the first student demo came from Russia Today….


                                        What really sticks in the craw about this event is the sense of punishment administered by the police; the self-righteousness of the copper telling a protester that they couldn’t go home: there had been a breach of the peace. “Look, there’s been a lot of shouting and stuff and you’re all in detention”.

                                        As Micheal Huing Thing says above: the police were not doing their proper job. Effectively, they punished the entire (published and lawful) march, because they failed to apprehend a tiny few obvious dissenters. Punishment is a matter for the courts and prosecution service. The police are there to uphold the law. (Once again) It would appear somebody didn’t get the memo.

                                        I realise the above is probably stating the effing obvious but, if I was marching with fresh hopes and high ideals, this sort of behaviour would make me want to shout, weep and smash stuff up. The sheer injustice of ‘justice’. Where were all those ‘jolly-festival’ coppers at this massive PR opportunity? Waving a “My Daughter Goes To Uni Too!” placard with a cheery grin for the papers? Eh? Eh?

                                        South-East Uk



                                          good video:hopeless:


                                            arrhhh i hope they abolish tuition fees. i don’t wanna be paying 12k+ a year for maybe up to 7 years. ridiculous.

                                            General Lighting

                                              you probably won’t though, its arts subjects they are taking the funding of, and you come across as very intelligent and would probably get a bursary or scholarship of some sort… or as I doubt you are rushing to settle down and start a family there’s no reason you have to go up to uni at age 18/19..

                                              its also up to everyone who is over 18 and can vote to also vote for a genuine social democratic party (the lib dems are not one, nor is the current incarnation of Labour) which is willing to fund public education..


                                                awwhh.. people don’t often call my intelligent. i usually get called simple. 😐
                                                i have a cambridge prospectus, i’m thinking of applying there if i choose to do chemistry. and ox-bridge courses will probably still cost close to 12k or more.
                                                could try and get into edinburgh and get it freeeee.

                                                General Lighting

                                                  Its Oxbridge management who are the main bunch of fuckers asking for these fees. They started this off when I was your age and thats over 20 years ago now.

                                                  If you go up to Uni at Scotland and then get a job there even if its for the first few years after graduation, this means England loses out on your tax contributions and thats a more lasting “fuck you” to the Government than any day of protest (and the cops can’t knock your head and get away with it!)


                                                    and edinburgh is a good uni to go to. kinda wanted to stay around london/portsmouth though :/ but oh well, i don’t want to be paying off debts ’til i’m 40.

                                                    General Lighting

                                                      whilst the half Chinese dude (Heiko Khoo – Michael Heiko is someone else entirely, a photographer) makes some very good points, he is a Marxist agitator possibly funded by Beijing (and looks like he came straight out of a SOAS occupation in about 1975 :laugh_at:).

                                                      Howver, his ancestral country aren’t exactly known for tolerating student dissent in the past. They use tanks rather than making the cops wear metrosexual blue baseball caps (WTF is that all about?) That said, the Chinese know better than to skimp on student funding – they help students set up companies, one such company makes most of the parts of my e-bike..

                                                      It is a lot harder to get into uni in China, but at the same time at least they have other further education, factory jobs etc. in the UK we need to work on the whole future for young people, not just further/higher education…

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