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    Hi there everyone, first time post, wish it was under better circumstances !

    This Sunday(2nd Sept 2012) just gone we had are van broke into and some bastards nicked the whole rig, lights, lasers, jenny and artwork, about £10,000 worth. Not the best kit in the world but was doing ok for are partys in and around Swindon.

    Not insured so trying are best to get any of it back.

    If anyone is offered any of the kit below please be kind enough to let me know with any information that you have, I will be offering a nice reward if I get any back too !

    4 x 1100dap warrior Audio amps
    1 x 1300 horizon warrior audio amp
    1 x skytec 1000w pro amp
    1 x skytec 600w amp
    1 x beringer ultra graph eq
    1 x 1210mk5
    1 x 1210mk3
    1 x tracktor scratch audio 6 unit
    1 x coffin case
    1 x sennheiser hd 25 sp headphones
    4 x 18″ celestion super scoops
    2 x 18″ kam bass bins
    2 x 15″ folded bass bin
    4 x 15″ 600w full range speakers
    2 x 15″ warrior Audio speakers
    2 x skytec 12″ speakers
    2 x 12″ speakers
    2 x speaker stands
    3 x light stands
    1 x multi coloured optical laser system
    1 x red/green/yellow laser
    1 x green lex laser
    Loads of other lights
    20+ x 10m spekon speaker cables
    10+ x extension power cables
    1 x 10kv generator big Fuck off yellow fucker on wheels !
    1 x 1300w Lex remote smoke machine
    2 x prosound wireless mics
    4 x bright orange rig straps
    Etc etc etc……….


    Darkus Crew.

    Ps. don’t worry about the skytec kit ! lol.

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    will warn anyone in the East but most crews here are dormant anyway and trying to sell of kit rather than expand..

    whats worse is that looking at your local news article on speakerplans that it was nicked from a legal/tolerated party (as the farmer helped you get the van off and the feds are taking the theft seriously and not considering it to be a “scum on scum” crime)

    sadly this is really common since the economic depression – BTW when a crew round here got their stuff stolen it turned out to be two local lads and they were identifed and a fair proportion of the equipment returned. Didn’t stop them committing other crimes though (including street robberies) until the proper authorities nicked them and punished them – I think crews need to move towards doing evens where they aren’t seen as criminals by the community so they can have the protection of wider society when this happens – same as someone like a music shop owner or a plumber or any other small business would have.


    Thanks for taking the time to reply !

    It was the local game keeper who asked another farmer to help get the van out, he was a top bloke, dident mind that we used his bosses privite land(he dident know about it till we asked him to help us out the mud!), said his boss would be pissed off. We really cleaned the area up well so that always helps.

    The feds have been pretty good with everything, told them the truth aswell and all of them seemed really sincere, don’t think they deal with many free partys here, been doing it for years and pride myself on never getting busted, picking places(or just getting luckey!?) that are either out the way or cant tell where the sound is coming from. Also I find to many crews want as many people as possbile going to there thing and thats where they get run ins with the old bill, we’re more than happy with just a few hundred people turning out, but hay each to there own as long as everyone has a good time it dont matter.

    Next time I’ll see about getting some decent insurence. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing !

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    wiltshire cops aren’t fools, they were the first constabulary not just to monitor partyvibe but to post, nearly a decade ago, and they deliberately left a “trail” so we could check they were real feds and not trolls. but their advice was basically “if folk are going to do parties in the county don’t advertise the whole thing on line in advance”. they can cope with Wiltshires ravers but not also all the middle class uni kids from the SE and East who are driving the small supermini their mum and dad bought them for “uni…” – and/or the gary boys (whose lowered cars I’ve helped push out of the ridgeway mud a couple of times over the years when I lived nearer.)

    That can be funny as they are often very sheepish, but when its a 200 mile drive back after 3 days solid its far less funny for the folk in the car and their relative and the blue light services when the driver nods off behind the wheel and crashes at high speed – my own friends here have said more folk have died in RTCs on long distance drives than OD’d from drugs, this is one major reason why authorities want to “downsize” raves (though I feel they should allow more in each area so folk don’t have to travel).

    With regard to insurance, unfortunately its often invalidated if the property was being used for a illegal activity. this is mentioned in the small print. Many thieving scum know this – not because they are particularly smart but they’ve often been caught out by it themselves when using cars for crime, which is why they attend free parties and target the rigs.

    you can get licenses for outdoor events for up to 500 people for as little as £21 though and that would mean the event is 100% above board. there’s slightly more effort involved but I’ve been to a few and the atmosphere is no worse than a free party but it means everyone is protected..


    Sincerely Dear, hope the brigade will find out these fellows. and return even part of your equipment. Be careful in future, have some wireless tiny camera, insure your valuable equipment…


    Harsh times mate, I bet most of us have suffered car crime of some sort and it’s really shitty. Great that your actively trying to find your stuff and wish you best of luck tracking it down.

    But have to say, leaving all that kit in the van unattended, not your brightest moment ( I hope )


    This is from September..


    I’m in the market for a smallish rig, what should I look for?

    AvatarDr Bunsen

    Were the pictures taken down?


    @Dr Bunsen 555585 wrote:

    Were the pictures taken down?

    This isn’t BT’s rig btw (if that’s what you though, as I did when I first opened this thread with the new replies), it was posted a year ago.


    Zombie thread!


    What goes around comes around, karma is a bitch baby.

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