• Sincerely Dear, hope the brigade will find out these fellows. and return even part of your equipment. Be careful in future, have some wireless tiny camera, insure your valuable equipment…

  • QUOTE if your local electricity supply is very intermittent and you expect to be using UPS battery power quite often, a pure sine wave inverter in the UPS is desirable as that means there will be better quality power when you have to use the UPS for your main power source.QUOTE

    Thanks for all and your inestimable time you spent with query. I…[Read more]

  • According to discussed load (18 speakers – ± 15watts each) kindly help me select a choice between these amplifier
    AMPLIFIER/Preamp: InterM PA6000 Rated Output (RMS) 240W
    Amp/Preamp – Ahuja – MXA3500 350W RMS at 10% THD
    Amp/Preamp – Ahuja TZA4000 – 200 x 200watts
    Amplifier 2 channels 100 X 100 WATTS:- TZA2000 –

  • This session will be held in a Public Hall converted on this occasion to serve our meeting…Perhaps in near future w’ll have our location.
    Ok for earthing, I had a earth megger test with a result of 1.2 ohms. I already prepared accessories for a bonding of some items. Thanks for reminder…
    Tell me please: from amp output to first group of…[Read more]

  • Hi General Lighting

    Our Para 1; 100v = Definitely, near future w’ll go on PA amp.
    Yes, 5 Microphone,
    Spiritual music 5 x 3min per day but NOT used at the
    same time with microphone.

    Our Para 2: Ok for pre-amp output.

    Our Para 3: Speakers purchased WITHOUT enclosure, Now under
    preparation with carpenter.

    Our Para 5 – 6: Ok, anyway we just…[Read more]

  • Your Para 1: I got two choices of speakers:-
    FIRST type 8 ohms 50 watts MAKE Rayden YD 103 and
    SECOND type 4- 8 ohms 50-100 watts.MAKE Rayden R 103 Japan
    Your Para 2: Am sure for 15W peak per Sp. But as your indication to make 200W or 300W.
    Your Para 3: ECHO- Sixe of Room 15 X 15meters X 3 Height. Yes exactly as you said for two major speaker in…[Read more]

  • General Lighting

    Your Para 1: What is it If we use for this session an Hi-Fi amp and in few month we choice an PRO amp PA with 100v ?
    Your Para 2: I didn’t knew that the PHONO output can be used as pre-amp, So good ! I’ll keep in mind PA-6000A amp.
    Your Para 3: I got two choices of speakers:-
    FIRST type 8 ohms 50 watts MAKE Rayden YD 103…[Read more]

  • Hi General Lighting,
    In the coming months, I’ll not miss to call attention for your paragraph one and three in thread 7 about electronic equipment. At this time we try to stick to series/para system, Hope no smoke at view point ! You know am confident if I follow your group instructions that will go.

    Thanks for echo defendant solutions

  • Yes, again thanks everybody, Am so happy about your valuable instructions, I’ll follow up all your indications.
    Am NOT a highly qualified Electrician/Technician but your genuine Technics are most helpful…
    All connections will be made be myself because the association has nobody to manage the system.
    ECHO: 15 X 15 meters X 3 meters…[Read more]

  • Fantastic all of you, thanks much more for your valuable assistance.Am not an Student, am married and age 40, am just helping a religious association for this setup. Feel free to rectify any wrong method in the proposed setup. Let me give you some more data, the hall 15 x 15 meters x 3 height, the speakers fixed at 2.5 meters from floor, 18…[Read more]

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