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    I’ve seen a few posts on here recently about people (both wt members and congregants) with hearing aids. As a sound tech with hearing aids (I’ll give you a second to recover, it’s not as bad as you might think… lots of experience and several “reference” people to help me when i get a new set), i thought a primer might be in order. First off, you most likely know more about how the HAs work than the typical wearer. Small mic, EQ, amp and speaker… all in a small enclosure that is put in a moisture – rich environment (an ear). The EQ (and size of enclosure) is the primary thing separating cost. I’ve had 3 sets… the first had a 12 band eq (insurance covered most), the second had 3 bands (insurance would only cover that) sand current has about 15. Just like in your system, more bands = more fine tuning control.

    Please help.

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Forums Music Sound Equipment Sound tech with hearing aids?

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