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      hello there people, just thought i’d make it public that i am now no longer a moderator here as i have been a bit of a piss-taker and that apparently is not allowed.

      im sure no-one gives a fuck, but i thought id make it known.

      to all the lurkers who are intimidated by me :weee: you can come out now, the coast is clear….

      Dan Ooops

        Why has this happened. You never seemd to be offensive, merley mildly pisstaking.

        Ravers are supposed to be thick-skinned hardcore nutters…and if you can’t take it, then don;t be here.

        We need Mods prepared to state things that people don’t like, its their job.

        REINSTATE USE!!:bounce_fl


          it was these two threads as far as i can see. i took the piss out of angel a bit here

          and in this thread i was drunk and recovering from having my house raided by knife weilding junkies and i edited some old hippy’s post. he was a mate of general lighting’s which clearly did me no favours

          judge for yourselves, is this behavior too risque for a site that appears to be supporting drug use and illegal music events?


            well, i have to say its nice to have some solidarity from my fellow mods – cheers for sticking up for me!


              Na i agree with you, as u said on sj, pv is too light sj is too dark, need a little bit of mocking, keeps everything entertaining!


                thanks jed….

                so the only person who has voted that theyre happy to see me go is me!

                i really think this is a case of dr b. and general alex losing perspective, or maybe the have something personal against me they are afraid to express.

                this isnt just for 30 year old has-beens. doesnt have to take itself so fucking seriously. its about raves for christ sake! lighten up!

                i find it odd so few people have anything to say on the matter. can anyone at least tell me why there is silence on this from the mods? or are you all having a good old bitch about me in the staff room?

                General Lighting

                  nothing personal against you, especially as I’ve met you and you are trying to do good stuff in your wider life.

                  but I just don’t agree with anyone, whoever they are and however sound they are otherwise dealing with bad shit in your life by passing the pain on to others which is what too many people do on line. I know people in real life who have done that kind of shit and I just don’t accept it, and on here there are real people with real emotions…

                  There’s lots of other stuff you’ve posted that has been fun; we do have a bit of a laugh here as well – you didn’t get any beef for that.Theres a fair bit of banter between me and some of my new friends from Suffolk on this site and some old ones from Reading here and in the chatroom etc… lots of our new users from Oxford ways have a good laugh as well…

                  I also have had disagrements with elraveon about various things – and there are times when his attitude has been defeatist – but haven’t resorted to calling him names nor editing posts. Nor the “anti-immigration” types which I am obviously never going to agree with!

                  Angel has posted lots of random stuff but much of it was the fun banter that people wanted.

                  Lots of people enjoyed it; and TBH it did come across as you were criticising her merely for having a bit of a laugh – exactly the thing you wanted other people to do – to “lighten up”

                  There’s a limit to what someone who lives in the wrong end of a country where few raves happen can post about the ins and outs of the UK underground rave scene.

                  There isn’t much good news about raves at the moment anyway what with every rave being blighted either by violence and/or over-zealous feds -it is all serious, heavy shit at the moment so to lighten up people are talking about other random stuff on here (and on lots of other message boards)

                  It does piss me off too that we can’t have those big fun reviews about who did what at a rave but when people are getting busted we have had to limit our “freedom of speech”

                  There are times when you haven’t really been “having a laugh”, you have been using this board merely to vent your anger at people to make yourself feel better. I’ve noticed it and so have a few others.

                  Just because it happens on other messageboards doesn’t make it right

                  Initially we gave you the benefit of the doubt as we all have bad moods but it keeps happening every so often. You have apologised – fair enough – I’ve seen it in the threads but it does seem to keep happening every so often – perhaps when things aren’t going so well elsewhere in your life..

                  TBH if you could control this and not “pass the pain on to others” I would personally like to see you back as a mod as you have contributed loads to here – but only if you are genuinely prepared to accept how things have evolved here ..


                    yea, maybe i havent dealt with bad stuff in my life happening so well and that has made me annoyed, but i hardly think that i deliberately come here to release steam…thats total bullshit.

                    and what this is really about is you have this narrow minded idea of what partyvibe should be, and no matter how much you protest you do shy away from teh darker side of the rave scene and try and cover up shit which you think reflects reality in a way you cant deal with it.

                    how do you think this is going to affect the other mods on here? maybe next time they tell a joke or talk about something dark or take the piss they will feel that it might threaten their position and shut up. so everyone on here will just be flirting like its face party and any true dissenting voices will be silenced. is that what you want? well i hope so cos that is where this site is heading.

                    i would say that i am definitely the most outspoken subversive voice on here with the political veiws that best represent the majority of south england rave culture. i cant beleive that has nothing to do with what has happened. appart from elretardo i am also the yougest, and considering he hardly rocks the boat i think that has been a factor too. it seems that anyone who actually represents the true freepartyvibe is not encouraged or ultimately welcome here, if you want to discuss the parody of rave culture you peddle with a load of people who have no idea what you’re on about but just want some friends, go ahead.

                    i thought this site was meant to be about expressing teh sentiments of rave culture to a worldwide audience to build support for our scene. not placating idiots like angel who are only here cos we dont tell em to fuck off. you think she gives a fuck about raves? pull the other one, its got bells on.

                      USE wrote:
                      can anyone at least tell me why there is silence on this from the mods? or are you all having a good old bitch about me in the staff room?

                      Possibly because some of us have only just come online and read this.. No one on here is out to get you USE. I think you’re a great guy and i know you’ve been through alot, but like i said before times have changed and PV has followed suit.

                      I miss the fact that i can no longer post up info about parties or say what happened etc with whoever.. but thats just the way things unfortunately are just now..

                      Chin up i said :love:


                        four fucking years ive helped out on this site, i feel properly taken for a mug. you try and do something good and someone shits on you. well thanks a lot and cheers for the solidarity, mods.

                        General Lighting
                          USE wrote:
                          yea, maybe i havent dealt with bad stuff in my life happening so well and that has made me annoyed, but i hardly think that i deliberately come here to release steam…thats total bullshit.

                          of course not always but it has happened and you give no indication that it will not happen again if you have a bad patch in your life…

                          and what this is really about is you have this narrow minded idea of what partyvibe should be, and no matter how much you protest you do shy away from teh darker side of the rave scene and try and cover up shit which you think reflects reality in a way you cant deal with it.

                          I disagree totally…

                          since 2001 long before even this forum or DC or SJ started I have been challenging the darker aspects, vandalism, violence, misogyny etc; got a lot of shit for being “too negative/serious” about this long before any of the forums were around (they only existed after 2001 when broadband became popular)

                          started loads of threads about it here as well – its not exactly been pushed under the carpet, and some people have tried to do something about it…although you have previously accused me of over-emphasising the darkside of the rave scene!

                          I also have carried on partying at SE England underground raves until very recently (halloween was my last one)….

                          I don’t discuss recent incidents in too much detail (same with raves) simply so people don’t get in trouble, but if something happens repeatedly (such as the run ins with locals) it gets discussed, not just be me but by our other users as well.

                          the harsh reality is all has been noticed by the wider society despite the positive stuff and its as much why there is a clampdown and zero tolerance and crews are being pushed back into licensed events and doing it through the proper channels.

                          Not just the laws and surveillance but karma does have a habit of coming around..

                          People had the chance to deal with it years ago and did fuck all or not enough quickly enough, I was there and saw things go downhill.

                          I do appreciate what you have done over the years for this site but you are wiping it all out in a cloud of negativity and egotism, I am shocked and saddened by what has happened to you TBH.

                          I’ll leave it at that and hope that whatever you do with your life in the future goes well.


                            yea yea yea, you saw it all, your so omnipresent. what did you do about it? get a cushty job, move away and use the internet a biut more? big whoop.

                            this isnt about you and your pre-broadband stories. its about teh fact that you got rid of me without even asking teh other mods. some collective that is!

                            i dont see why i should bend over and say “i promise never to get the arse ever again” when i might not! and all this holier-than-tho “i never loose my rag, im general lighting”, give it a rest! you havent lived my life, you dont know what ive been through. you try being mugged 8 fucking times and staying positive! you try having fuckers in balaclavas storming your house and threatening to toruture you cos you let a mate stay over for a week….and then being all smiles!

                            i said i was sorry at losing my rag but bottom line i have depression, i cant garauntee my mental welbeing i can only garauntee it being sketchy. and that is what ive been thrown out for. being depressed. you say there are other mods with depression liek acid fairy and they dont get annoyed and i find it hard to beleive that they have as serious a condition as i have. i thought the whole definition ofmental illness was that you dont have control. its blatant discrimination.

                            General Lighting

                              Yes, I moved away and calmed down my rave activities and I have no regrets for this, because I had a good offer and too much drugs and late nights were fucking up my health and mind.

                              I’d already spent 15 years of my life helping set up parties..also by that time (earlier this year) too much bullshit had been going on that I am no longer prepared to stick my neck out to support or defend; although I will always still support the positive sides of the party lifestyle – thats what this place is all about.

                              I have already said that if you were prepared to calm down you would be welcome back as a mod but you have said yourself that on occasions you can’t judge or control your mental state – fair enough.

                              There are plenty of times when I have wanted to kick off at people like in the immigration thread, and TBH you are now coming across like you are deliberately trying to wind me up just as a “test” or something. I never said I don’t lose my rag at all either; I have had plenty of things to be angry about but have learned that I don’t take it out on friends or people close to me. Its not acceptable in normal society and its not acceptable online.

                              If you really get that angry and are genuinely unwell I understand that – but then its a case of avoiding the unneeded stressful situations – such as being in a needless argument on line…. perhaps spend some time doing something else like your art or videos?

                              If you kicked off at random people, particularly customers/service users in any other organisation or job because of your depression you would at least be challenged for it, and moved away from dealing with people, or in some cases actually removed from the organisation however right-on it may be.

                              I can’t really be bothered to carry on this “discussion” any more – its up to you now how you proceed both here and in wider life…


                                Listen to youself USE, and hold it down a bit, no we don’t know all the shit you have and are going through but thats just the same for everyone. You have no idea what others have and are going through, you dont have a monopoly on shit and grief.

                                I had a look at the posts and TBH they are a bit out of order, maybe not for a general poster (I note you havent been banned) but a Mod is, IMO supposed to be above that, indeed the ones that are drawing the line.

                                I’m sure your still welcome here, is it that big a deal that you have to alienate even more PV members ???


                                  idiots like angel who are only here cos we dont tell em to fuck off. you think she gives a fuck about raves? pull the other one, its got bells on.

                                  What the hell have I ever done to you..

                                  Why are you such an asshole?

                                  You say moderators don’t dare to say anything because they are afraid of being kicked out..

                                  Would rather say that I don’t dare to post anything because if you don’t agree with me you just edit my post

                                  I care about people USE.I think I have just as much right to be here as you have,you’r no better than me just because you go to raves,have problems,takes drugs,fight for free parties or whatever.I don’t give a fuck

                                  I talk nice to my friends,always try and make them feel good about what they are doing,listen to their problems,kick their ass if it needs to be kicked,trying very hard to be a positive person and not talk bad about anybody..

                                  I have fucking problems too..But I don’t let my frustrations out on other members..

                                  I have never felt that i was a part of the bigger picture here,but i have never been told to leave,why?

                                  Don’t you think anybody dare to tell me..

                                  Or maybe they are afraid i’ll make a scene if im kicked out..

                                  Drama queen :groucho:


                                    i thought i was doing something important here. im obviously more delusional than i thought.


                                      I think you’r important here,I think I’m important here,just in a different way..

                                      There should be room enought for us all,no matter what reason we are here for..


                                        its not that i object to all the stuff you put up here, its just that there are a million standard sites which ask “how to find love” etc so why are you here? there are a million forums you could be on, why this one?


                                          A good friend who is an old raver,and a member here,told me about Partyvibe..Because he ment that I needed this place:hopeless:(His words)

                                          I just fell in love with the people,the spirit,the music a lot of things,cant really explain..

                                          Can’t imagine not being here..


                                            well i spose thats fair enough.

                                            i just see this site as an incredibly important tool in raising awareness and creating community links etc and generic posts about sex i thought i was safe from. i guess not.

                                            i dont know what this site is about any more.


                                              Then you should post some more and give us your oppinion about things..But

                                              there are no need to be nasty or make other people feel stupid..

                                              There are a lot of younger people here who don’t know more about raves than me..

                                              Educate us

                                              Do what you do best..But don’t talk down to us,nobody like that..And neither do you


                                                i tried. and failed by the looks of it.




                                                    yes u have said a few things wrong …. we all have… but think on the bright side less u have to worry about now….

                                                    It is sad but hey is not our website so we dont know legalities about it etc ………and am sure they want to keep it as less controversial as they can !!!

                                                    has happened now nothing you can do about it!! best to forget it and not drag it out or maybe worse things could happen!!

                                                    Just my opinion!!


                                                      whos they? the powers that be? its just two blokes with day jobs! its not some massive corporation that needs a corporate image, is it? it says on teh front page partyvibe collective, and i was stupid enough to beleive that, but the other mods who have worked as hard as i have on this werent even consulted! if it were a corporation at least i would have had a fair warning and appeal.

                                                      this isnt about what i said to some hippy a year ago, its about ego. general lighting and dr bunsen are intimidated by me so they took away what they could. simple as that.

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