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    @DJCliffy 357973 wrote:

    I’ve been to Hell. I can handle it.

    have you been to heven? .. i have … i couldn’t handle that either :s


    Notice how the media are all just banging on about whether or not a couple of days strike here and there is going to bring the country to a complete standstill, and talks a lot about government intervention, the union and royal mail but hardly tells you what the workers are actually striking for? fucking wankers. sad to see how much less workers solidarity there is these days.

    Horny Angel

    @General Lighting 357884 wrote:

    There is less post but its not a total shutdown – there wasn’t even a picket at Ipswich sorting office last night. Bear in mind most residential people don’t get that much through the post compared to 10 years ago, as stuff like bank statements etc can be viewed online.

    There were a lot of courier drivers in town today looking lost…

    No post here yesterday.

    Postal delivery workers were on strike, buses drivers were on strike and at 6pm the fire fighters went on strike….oh what joy!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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