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      Just got caught in some nasty @rsed traffic from Reading Festival getting to Greenpark, now i’m bored at work….. Is anyone even bother going now? the line up looks more shocking every year. Least homelands was good >.<


        I thought that the line up looked pretty good this year actually – it’s one of the first years that I’ve even considered going (which is a feat considering I can hear it from my back garden).

        Town is full of crusties and we’ve had clients trying to visit the company who are reporting that it’s taking them about 3 hours to get into town centre from the nearby junctions.

        Its all waterlogged on the site though isn’t it………wellies will be a basic requirement I think, don’t fancy it myself – I’m off to the UK Tek.


          yeah work’s been excellent this avo. all the managers have been caught in traffic so everyone is dossing around on the internet.

          General Lighting

            TBH I’d rather miss out than put a penny into the pockets of mean fiddler.

            the place will also be crawling with old bill complete with surveillance equipment. Last year the CID were filming people going up and down the paths in one of those “tango victor” unmarked traffic cars. What for? they’re hardly going to be breaking the speed limit down richfield avenue 😀

            Some people I know do stewarding/security there and here are some of the things that have gone on at Reading Festival recently..

            – shitloads of robberies from tents

            far more fights, fires and random violence than TVP/mean fiddler admit to (not everyone runs to cops)

            – orchestrated fights courtesy of local squaddies and a bomb scare – there is a history of hate between the local army regiment and mean fiddler as Vince Power is alleged to have links to the IRA so the squaddies sometimes try to fuck up his concerts. A few years ago a chap with a scanner even tuned into the squaddies on their MOD radio frequencies; they were using their mil-issue portable radios to co-ordinate busting the fence. Thats how determined they are to fuck him over..

            – several rapes and sexual assaults (london gangsters and squaddies again) you may have heard about 2 being reported in the press but way more happened that didn’t get told to old bill

            – a young girl had a chemical toilet overturned on her when she was in it (eww!)
            – peoples tents lit on fire

            and people have the nerve to complain about our free events not being safe!

            mind you vince fucking power pays for the cops which is the only reason why they let it happen.

            TVP have hated the festival since the 1970s as one of their CID was shot dead by a dealer who had travelled to the festival to knock out his gear…


              to reading – what kind of festival is that?
              used to be a rock fest- now deals in pop- a safe place for mr n mrs middle class person to send young timmy withiut him getting involved in drugs, voilence or, shock of shocks, music!

              fuck the mean fiddler in the arse,
              and shame on anyone condoning this conditioning fest…

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