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    I know darkpsy, used to like it but then it all sounded exactly the same =(


    @Kodama 423717 wrote:

    I am honestly surprised to hear that the psy scene has more violence and bad goings on compared to other scenes. Is it a case of ‘undesirables’ entering the scene, or is this violence among people actually into psytrance? I’d find it hard to see how it’d be actual psy people fighting, esp. when the psytrance subculture is centred around psychedelic drugs, and the last thing people want to do while tripping ballz is fight, not to mention the fact that psytrance is full of hippies…

    It has the same problems as any parties using squats in London, I do think the’yre a lot safer than most techno parties though. Although many of the fans are into all the psychedelic and hippy stuff this makes them perfect targets for those who aren’t


    just to confuse you…ehh I might go here this year;


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    I myself don’t like anything 4-4, don’t mind me some psybreaks but there’s not a lot of that about

    The main argument I hear from friends that for example used to be into psytrance that arent any more it’s so generic and never changes. To quote a mate ‘there is nothing psychedelic about psytrance because there it ceased to be surprising many years ago’

    On the other hand thats true of most genres. I got sick of happy hardcore, hard house, techno, drum and bass and jungle for exactly the same reason (even if they never claimed to be ‘psychedelic’).

    I guess if you’re going to listen to a 4-4 music like hard house or techno it might as well be psytrance which is generally pretty complex in comparison… I’d still much rather dance to a breakbeat tho 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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Forums Music Psytrance and the way it’s perceived by other dance music fans

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