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      Hey, guyz i missed all of yall and iv noticed we have got new members. I was San Diego :horay: i had so much fun,. Well my real dad he lives in a bad neighborhood you see. And i was outside one day somking a Blunt chillen, and here comes all these gurlz talking mess to each other, and they all , and these two gurlz started to fight, one gurlz all of her friendz started to jump in, and they really F***ed her up really bad, i was right there and i was somking :bounce_ci and i was like i cant believe this shit, i mean iv seen people get jumped before but not like this :blackeye: i felt really bad 🙁

      So my question to yall is have yall ever been jumped and why or seen jumped anybody and why or have u seen anybody get jumped and what happed.

      lUV Always


        alrighty, yeh I’ve been jumped a fair few times but that was because of the areas my old “work” took me into. Its not nice walking about with £500 in your pocket through Leith (not the nicest of areas in some parts) t 11pm especially when your dressed differently to them. I just got round it by carrying £5 in my wallet and a spare mobile so if the worst happened I could just give them that and theyd accept that as all i had and at most give me a bit of a beating as apposed to getting the shit beaten into me for lying and losing my new mobile and all my hard earned cash.

        I personally don’t like violence an will steer as clear as i can from it but sometimes theres no alternative.


          people have tried to mug me a grand total of 7 times!

          1-3 some random townies on my way back from school, first time i got a kickin, second time they had a knife, third i just gave em some cash.

          4. me and my mate were well fucked after comin out The End in holborn and he tried to buy some bud off some crackhead, he led us down some alley and basically we had to leg it from five blokes.(long story)

          5 bristol, town centre 3 in the morn bottom of christmas steps (all shady) and two youths stop and ask for my fone. i protest, get punched in the ribs and backed to the wall, give up my fone, and one fucks off. i yell “RUN,RUN” at the second one and he does.

          6 newcastle. some chavs catch me outside this green festival next to a lake and one gets me in a headlock, but im still standin.theyre all takin the piss and another is about to stike when i started singin about what they were sayin (look at my hair and my beard so fluffy etc) and they got freaked out and fucked off but not before i made them all shake my hand. that one was the best.

          7 newcastle again, but this time it late, im pissed and have just had an argument with my birds housemate over gm and have gone out to buy rizla with my birds shiny £20. so im out the shop with £19.50 crap change, and the bloke waitin outside the cornershop follows me. i duck down a backstreet and he’s still behind me so i turn around, walk toward him and he says “got any money, mate?”, i just carry on walkin and elbow him in the head, then grab his head and grate it down the brick wall and leg it. he just caught me at a bad time.

          my attitude to it all is that i just wonder how fucked in head you’d have to be to try something like that, and think it was the easiest/ best way of making cash.

          i have had a bit of cash taken off me, but not bothered. haven’t been seriously hurt yet, that all i care about. im wel sorry about number 7, i am 99.9% sure he was gonna rob me, from his eyes and the way he was dressed. but i might be wrong. didnt stop to ask.

          all my skirmishes as i say have been pretty light ( even this which was shit scary). i have seen some nasty shit, and heard about worse, and i think its just a general problem with the capitalist system which at the moment keeps a lot of people in a perpetual state of empty need. its bound to be frustrating, what withthe constant bombardment of advertisements etc which a lot of people do not have the skills to properly decode and see the true meaning of.maybe not.

          all i can say is i dont wish any harm to my attackers, just pity (which is prolly worse). i just wish that they didnt have to do it, for their own sakes as much as mine. it must be damaging to know that you’ve been such a twat to speople.

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