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    Playground Politics

      is it alright if i just black marker party vibe on a tshirt, or will u come and rip it off me (in a non gay way of course, if there is such a way) and then eat it. this question is aimed at GL??

      General Lighting

        seems OK with me, no different from someone putting a link to PV on their murdochspace or telling their college classmates about it..


          To be honest I quite like the anomynity. In real life I rarely admit to any knowledge of Partyvibe or (especially) SJ!

            BioTech wrote:
            I’m with GL on the actual production of the merchandise but I’d just like to point out that people can get their own merchandise shops with certain sites. All you do it upload your images and then you can place them on any type of product.

            You don’t even have to buy stock as it’s just a virtual shop, so you direct people to the site and if they buy something the company who run the website print the image on to the desired product and send it out.

            Does that make any sense?

            Was that what they had on the old STS (Hitchin Sound System) site?? or was that a total wind up never managed to find out…mmmmm PV thongs !!

              atm23 wrote:
              mmmmm PV thongs !!

              You wish :laugh_at::laugh_at:

            Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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