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    Now & again, in the daily mayhem of this crazy world, something happens which makes you stop and think. About what’s really important in life. I call it ‘one of life’s little reminders’.

    On Thursday, one of my workmates had quite a nasty crash, on way back to the yard. He’s okay, but was taken to hospital. We still don’t know the whole story, but he had an operation the next day. Hopefully that all went well and he will soon be back with us
    Sorry will try n cut to the chase here:sign0023:
    At the end of the shift, i realised that I’d left my phone in the van. that if my sons heard about the crash, they’d be calling, to make sure i was ok. But of course there’d be no answer. When i finally called, my eldest son told how he had driven past the scene just after the accident, and how shocked he and his g/f were by the state of the van, and also the amount of blood. They called to check i was ok. No answer. Then they called youngest son, and he and his girlfriend also started calling me. For the next hour, they were all trying to stay calm, but were getting more worried when i still didn’t answer.

    I am calling this one of life’s little reminders, because recently my lifes been a whirlwind of work/sleep/stress, going nowhere fast. I was due this reminder.

    The most precious things in the world to me (AFTER my choons 😉 lol)
    are my sons. They are my world. They are what matters, above all else. I mean, what is important if its not them?. . . It’s NOT bloody work is it ffs, and its NOT money, or anything materialistic like that . And it definitely is NOT about whose fucking turn it might be to do the POXY dishes!!!!! :rant:

    – When i saw all the missed calls n texts on my fone – i felt loved. i felt all warm and fluffy inside :love: Then the feeling changed to shame – that i’d thought they didnt care anymore. That’s a huge insult to them, really it is. We have had issues. Everyone does sometimes. But come on, the very second you think something’s happend to one of your own, well time just stops. u get that sick feeling in your gut, and all that stupid shit – it’s gone.

    The moral of this story? Life is too short, count your blessings!

    Just wanted to share this :love: thanks :group_hug

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    cheers for that, the amazing ppl in life are willing to go that extra length for ur care and safety,and will check up on ya even if ur fine

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    The moral of this story? Life is too short, count your blessings!

    agreed – I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about this.

    OK the illegal raves are gone now in this county and the place is a bit locked down but I’ve been so lucky in life recently, got a career, a house, for once some stability and security in life and a family what cares for me…

    This weekend I didn’t go partying because my mum (who is back from Malaysia for a bit) and my sister came to visit – not only was it good to see them for the first time in months..

    they immediately noticed how much happier and healthier I was compared to when I used to live in London / Reading, when I was caning shitloads of drugs TBH, and living a double life which occasionally crossed over into various forms of criminality…

    Because of my good luck I’ve even made a truce with some former “enemies” such as cops / govt / authorities – I will still criticise them when they are out of order but I can also see where some of their actions, however unpopular, are necessary..

    Ironically coming here from London/SE I find life in East Anglia to be so much less hectic (although your story does make me think about the real cost of when people like me in business are anxious for a parcel to be delivered quickly!)

    On another note one thing our area what I found was really heartening was how all those clubbers/ravers at Pams House rallied round to try and search for and find the missing lad and (when news of his sad demise was known) to even organise an event in his memory…

    I’m cynical about a lot of things but that was a genuine community act, people putting aside their differences to work together with Norfolk Constabulary and try and search for the lad and then help the family get over the grief and raise money for the funeral….


    Well said mate, I love those moments too, and find them really inspirational and liberating.

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