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    General Lighting

      apart from the obvious stuff like getting there, stomping and chatting to your m8s mine are..

      – exploring buildings (the mad tat you find) and climbing roofs

      – spinning around in a loading bay trolley piloted by k-heads across a warehouse

      – dancing with Linz to Bird’s 80s selection as Discopete turned cartwheels and traffic cops joined in dancing to Madonna

      – climbing a huge pile of coal and shale in mansfield desert whilst attempting to impersonate Arthur Scargill…

      – Bird declaring an “exclusion zone” of some 250 metres from a rig by playing Band Aid (the 1984 version) at Dragonmoot

      – MC Orange decontaminating a warehouse post-rave with an air-freshener spray (probably a futile but defiant gesture against the accumulated trash)

      – drinking all sorts of concoctions from the bars (some more drinkable than others)

      – attempting to post to SJ after an NYE party using an IPAQ after 12 hours of raving (the message came out in a mixture of chav-speak and complete gibberish)

      that’s just some of them I can remember – I’m sure you lot can think of much more….


        err, in no particular order

        -not being able to find the party so leading the convoy out onto the riverbed of the Exe estuary at low tide and all dancing round the jeep with the bins as the sun came up ๐Ÿ˜Ž

        -being forced by fog to stop on the motorway on the way to a party and all throwing 90 foot silhouettes of our dancing selves onto low flying cloud ๐Ÿ˜€

        -finding hundreds of issues of ‘Lion and Thunder’ (a 1950’s comic book with aliens invading planet earth) in a cupboard at a party and getting lost in the cupboard all night with a head full of acid ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        -getting left at a party then getting totally lost and borrowing a landrover to drive the 150 miles home. Dionysus was with me that day ๐Ÿ˜‰

        -following the wrong convoy for about 250 miles only to find ourselves at ‘the farm’ being shouted at by the householder “get off my land, LEAVE US ALONE”. the fear in his eyes gave us some insight into how some people view us ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

        -collecting rubbish from around a site and finding a friend in a bush gibbering to a tree :confused:

        -playing Sid Vicious ‘My Way’ as the last tune of the party, just before getting lynched :p

        -seeing a bearded fire-eater set fire to his head and jumping off a cliff into the sea, finding too late that the tide had gone out ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜€

        for some reason, my memory is terrible and I’m stuck there for now ๐Ÿ˜‰



          – Having to abandon a partysite due to an astrologer using it as a base (he was so nice and nearly left, but we were like “fair play” and left him to it

          – going to get the tarpaulin to shelter amps and finding a near- dead K-head whapped all the way in it. i swear he stopped breathing, when he came round he was all “what did you do that for?”

          – driving back from the end in london, being followed all the way home, the copper then walked up to the car “how are you on this fine morning officer?” we said, he replyed ” never in five years of doing this shift has anyone ever asked me how i was. dont do ecstasy and drive” then fucked off. result.

          – driving back from a rave with a mate at uni in bournemouth about five miles up the road form our lace at the othere end of the country. we had driven for and hour, i’d skinned up twice, and asked why it was so long. “oh shit, i was drivin to uni!” an hour in the wrong direction. woohoo

          – running out of bud at five in the morning. ” oh fuck! no more bud!” some thirty year old geezer walks up “here you are mate, you deserve it” gave me a fat teenth of highgrade. went to find him, he wouldn’t accept any of his own spliff!

          as the loon said. cant remember shit! worrying stuff.


            Well you lot should think yourself lucky. My mind always goes to mush when I have to think about past experiences.

            Here are a few though-

            * Trying to put my bottle of water on a shelf put failing several times. Then my senses came back to me and realised I was trying to place it on some girls arse. I came round to her mates pulling her away from me with concerned looks on their faces.

            * At an after party at a friends flat 3 stories up with a steep roof and some guy pokes his head through the curtain upside down and calmly asks if he can have a fag. It was his birthday and he was having a great time on the roof listening to our music. We invited him in but he stayed up on the roof for hours.

            * Not at a party but:

            Doing a rig test in a hanger (with permission) on a Tuesday lunch time and having a copper turn up with an aggresive manner asking us what was going on, convinced we were having a rave. After almost managing to convince him it was innocent he said “oh yeah? So what are all the posters and decorations for then?” …… the decor was bunting and the posters were for a farmers market with pictures of vegetables and fruit and signs saying ‘organic produce’

            I’ll have to try and think up some more, because I know there is some.


              oh yeah,

              one night my mate came to pick a bunch of us up to go to a party. while he was waiting for us to cram those china whites up our noses ๐Ÿ˜ฎ his car was broken into.

              we had to deal with the cops for a bit, then…

              several hours and many chemical comestibles later…

              driver of smart, new car with smashed windows i parked outside showroom of latest Jaguar sports model… 3 batenburgs turn up and block us in

              “would you like a crumble mint orificer?” (gesturing at smashed windows “it wasn’t me. honest”

              I love those senarios… OB know you are just wrong in the head, but the isn’t a law in the land against it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


                hahahaha these are great

                a few funny ones from me

                having my mate fuck up on acid, he spent a good part of a hour with his face stuck to a gigga strobe (he must of found it intresting) then spending the next 6 hours convincing him he hadnt gone blind and the spots he saw wasnt a pokerdot bed sheet thrown over his head that he couldtn get off

                asking a dear freind to give us a hand when our amp failed he asked how we could tell our amp was sorting with out being attched to a speaker

                we asked him to stick his tounge on the bare end of the lead while we drop a few tunes

                travelling round a huge motorway turn off round about about 20 times while a 30 car convo cathes us up with a few meat wagons in there for good measure driving round and round with us

                a load of us was at the dungouns in london and we was dancing away all fucked this ranom dude was standing next to me with aq bottle of poppers and asked if i wanted asniff so i inhaled and he said pass it to ur mate ( who was trippin) my mate for some odd reason thought is was a shot and before i had chance to do anything he drank it
                he was pulling funny expressions after that

                my mate also that night on the way home decided to take his cloths off on a attept to walk home as we was starnded by the trains, run around a feild chasing horses and then into a golf course where people was playing ( we did desperately try and cloth him but he was havin none of it) and then he ran down a embankment and used to aa phone on the motorway to ask which direction to go. we managed to flag a driver down to ask when he pulled over with his wife in the car he got out and talked to us the way and my mate stark bolock naked sat next to his wife and started making random convos up.
                he was shortly arrested and taken home by the o.b to his distraught girlfreind ( he never came out with us again)

                theres a few more when they come to me


                  well heres a gudden!

                  when i went to a t.o.m (tribe of munt) party not to long ago i met up with a few mates there who had come in the morning and being a girl it was that time of the month so i asked me mate for a tampax **blush** but instead of just giving me a tampax she gave me a whole box! they had well cool designs on them like flowers and strawberries etc etc.

                  anyways i then saw a few other mates and persuaded them to move on to manik with me, so walking off towards parkroyal station, my mate mentions as a joke that another mate wanted a tampon (but what i didnt know that he was joking LOL) so lower and behold i pull out 2 tampax and hand them over to him, he then tells me he was joking and hands me one back,

                  what did he do with the other??

                  he walked along with it in his mouth like a tampax ciggar *sniggers* we then come to asdas and he still has it in his mouth so we were all walking around asdas still having it in his mouth when we go to pay the woman gives him a look (she proper looked like she wanted to laugh)

                  walking thorugh the car park to continue on our journey to the station he started jokingly trying to sell smack to all of asdas customers we got some right dirty looks with him looking like a pimp with a tampon with his 3 hoes and fellow pimp with a limp

                  probly dosent sound too funny to you guys but it’s one of them things where you have to be there

                  LADYSCANDELAS opps 4got 2 log in lol


                    and here’s my mate LOL

                    General Lighting

                      LOL – I see how you got ur name now ๐Ÿ˜€

                      must remember not to load up this thread at work tomorrow tho’

                      (warning tag added to subject line)


                        hehehehe lol good pics aint they ๐Ÿ˜€ dr bunsen’s uploading my party pics for me at some point soon so i will have some on the user accounts there are some goodens of me tom and vu and other people who m not sure if they use partyvibe but do use sj! so youll see a few familliar faces

                        General Lighting

                          nice 1 – I reckon stuff like party pics and party announcements should always be put on both boards if possible. that way if 1 site gets blocked from those who can only surf at work the other is still available…


                            yeah i know what you mean… like sj was bloked on college pcs but pv wasnt and like that with feacparty went bloked but face pic wasnt random hey lol

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