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      Had an old Samsung LCD until a month ago when it was damaged during a move. Now I’m looking to purchase a new TV for a future PS4 purchase and looking for ideas (a friend of mine said this place gave great advice). I have been researching a lot over the past couple of days and while I believe plasma TV ARE better the LED’s, I’ve decided that I would still like to get a LED due to less heat generation, lack of burn-in and electricity usage (plus I hear there are some good LED sets out now). Here’s what I’d like to think about:

      1.) Between a 40 – 50″ LED
      2.) Low Input lag if possible
      3.) 120hz Refresh rate at least, and no the gimmicky BS some companies are stating like CMR from Samsung.
      4.) preffearbly under $1000 as I do not have the system yet.

      I’m not that knowledgeable so that’s all I could come up with, but any ideas are greatly appreciated.

      General Lighting

        what country are you in? many countries use “dollars” for their national currency, and you refer to a “TV set” -(i.e a display device which is expected to also contain receiving equipment for the linear broadcast television service). That means signals from a coax cable connected to the device, which might be from an antenna for that building alone, a shared communal antenna or the cable TV service.

        Some nations still have analogue TV transmissions or a hybrid of analogue and digital, frequencies used may be way different to another, even if the nations are in the same continent. TV sets also have to be approved the national Communications Ministry before they may legally be sold; there have been a few duff ones (even from major brands) that inadvertantly transmitted signals back down the antenna cable, this caused interference to communications radios used by ships and aircraft and gets these devices banished from countries where it happens.

        In Europe there is also often more tax on a TV set “made in Japan / China / Malaysia ” than one “made in EU”, which increases with its price. A big screen TV is also heavy and fragile and not the easiest thing to send across the world and get to its destination in one piece. Yhe smart Asian folk who design them send all the various components and assembles on the container ship, and a factory in Europe assembles them.

        China and Malaysia use the same TV standards as Europe, but Japan, USA and some other nearby nations use a different one, so TVs for these countries are made in different factories (the tax rules may also come into play as well). Thus, a large TV set that might be easily bought in Japan or California may still be be near impossible to obtain in England or the Netherlands, even though us Europeans would most likely have a very similar priced model with the same features made by the same manufacturer.

        So at present it is near impossible for anyone to recommend a TV of this size that would be globally available. Your best bet may be to look on a gaming forum that has a lot of people from your country and ask them what they think the best TV set would be.

        Gylfi Gudbjornsson

          Toshiba 40″ LED telebox. Had one like 2 years ago, cost me like £400. Was a bargain and a very good telebox too, the quality of the HDMI output was superb. In Dolluuuu I think it works out to about more than a nickle or summin

          Pat McDonald

            Fucking hell. Playstations are now so smart, you have to buy them their own TV set to keep them amused.

            I am impressed.


              Thanks for sharing this. I’m in the market for a new TV for my playstation too as it happens.

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