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      Greenpeace are currently looking to recruit people to form the New Norwich greenpeace group. If you would be interested in joining or would like to find out any further information please email Shaun Qureshi

      It would be great for more people to join.

      We were out in norwich on sunday handing out flyers and making people aware of the fact that the government are planning to dump nuclear waste right on our doorsteps, right here in norfolk! Some of the proposed sites are Coltishall, Feltwell and Sizewell. (some of these quite handy raving locations……..) Although these sites may not be used as nothing has been confirmed, it is worth acting now to oppose this.

      Don’t just sit there do something..

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        The Norwich Greenpeace network now has a webpage here Norwich | Greenpeace UK or here

        General Lighting

          Hi Richard – thanks for the update.. its good to have someone plugging your website – but as missmushed is now a busy mum (her daughter will be starting school this year!) and so doesn’t have as much time for forums like she once did, it would also be even better if you or others from Greenpeace would be willing to stay around here, become part of the community and engage in a full dialogue about how we could balance our desires for hedonism with “green issues”.

          This is a concern of mine due to recent developments in the music scene – particularly in our region, where a clampdown on events due as a backlash against drug abuse leads to stubborn east anglian youth who can afford cars driving hundreds of miles to chase the next party, and there is a big disconnect in this area between youth who are interested in environment or just hedonism…

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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