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      Right people, I’m known in the area for causing free parties that get out of control. 500 guests is my record, but the police blocked the road at 10PM and stopped hundreds more coming, maybe even thousands, half of Winchester was on its way up here by the sound of it.
      I wanna throw another one, my last one here, probably ever. My mum, the evil cow, is evicting me, so I want one big fuck off rave up that she’ll never forget and neither will you or I!
      We’ll need hundreds of you to all head to Weston House, Weston, Much Wenlock, Shropshire, TF13 6QT ASAP!

      I got the speakers that should be enough volume wise.
      BUT could do with a bigger amp than I have (Cambridge Audio A100)
      the AE aegis evo 3’s will take about 150 watts per speaker and rattle your brains if you’re nearby them. BUT if anyone’s got a beefier sound system I’m all ears, literally! 😀
      I got some Gemini decks but they’re not amazing and I got no DJ mixer. So someone would need to bring those things and we’re all set. We need DJ’s too!
      You’ll all need to turn up as close to together as is possible to stop my mum getting wind of it before it’s too late, and also the dibble will put road blocks up quite quickly. they might even be reading this now. Fuck it I did ring 101 to warn them of my plans last week so they cant argue to much this time. My mum gave me permission to have one last birthday BBQ/party so I got land owners consent, plus I live here in my own private static caravan so that gives me rights too. After all, it’s not my fault if 800 people show up for my birthday BBQ is it? 😉 Also the field you’ll be parking in I rent off my mother for £100 a month so can do with as I please legally., your cars will be safe here.
      Call me on 0121 288 2323 (skype number)
      Tell everyone you know, get to Weston, there’s gonna be the biggest rave the county has ever seen and then watch the magic happen as all the people you tell turn it into one big fuck off self-fulfilling prophecy
      all turn up as soon as you can get here, the cops will prob try n fuck things up. park on the field with the caravans on it (see google earth), the party is in the orchard just off that field, look for my static caravan, the beige one! If cops do a road block just drive around the road and find somewhere to park then walk across fields if you need to, its piss easy to get to us from many ways (hint netchwood & ditton priors)
      Come on mother funsters we’re gonna make history tonight, I can feel it in my bones. I never ever threw a bad party I promise you all that. And all I did was lie to everyone that I invited, I told everyone that everyone they knew was already going! It works everytime 😀





          Gutted, free party some time in the next week then before I get evicted. Email if you’re up for it or PM me on here
          I’m and 0121 288 2323 (skype no)


            I got permission I swear 🙂


              That over head map looks crazy fun. Wish I was there! (I thought that was a actual spell out of the location real quick, hahah, either way it looks fun).

              Some MAD ADVICE not to shut down an event:

              Cops if anything will look for an excuse to shut a party down. If partying in your region is getting larger again this may happen, especially if the road blocks to an event (legal or non legal) happen. If normal procedures fail they will try to look for ‘weakest of the flock’ type deal as a SCAPE GOAT. Victims are usually stalked/arrested after leaving the event FOR ANYTHING. Broken headlights, etc. but eventually will lead to searching the car.

              Here’s the important thing. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If you know a witty lawyer student or someone who has plenty of Google time on their hands, should do the internet lookup. You can either tell them in person or do it as a flyer thing and place it on their car or give it to them at the party. It should read as a CHECKLIST/SCRIPT on everything that could happen to them (Did you know that if you are a driver stopped by police you should place your 2 hands STATIONARY on the wheel, others should put it on the dash board/ front seat…..this is because cops go NUTS IN THEIR MIND if they can’t see your hands, its a safety thing because they can’t tell if someone is carrying a gun!). Scripting is good because if there are any druggies they should know what to do. I’ll leave the details up to you guys, keep in mind they usually look for the people that partied the hardest and they shouldn’t be the weaker prey.

              Oh yeah, badge numbers are important and legally they have to tell you it and you gotta memorize it. If it becomes a questioning thing if you get caught, find out what the rules are with getting a lawyer.

              Fun and frequent parties should never be stopped because it becomes a TREND with law enforcement. Try to find out ways to ride out the hype of shutting down an event.

              Good luck and have fun at the parties.

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