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    So I’m looking to go up there for Uni, anyone have any thoughts about the aras that they would like to share?

    also, iim hoping to spend a weekend or so around them areas checking out the unis soon but can’t see any friends joining me, so if anyone lives up around them areas would like to show me about? Have a chat, go for a coffee or even club I’d appreciate it!

    any northerners here?


    Can’t give you too much info since I’m not from round there but I’ve got mates at uni in manchester and newcastle, both very big student areas so you get a lot of your standard student nights there, lots of drinking and standard ‘student’ clubs playing imo shit music. manchester has get warehouse project which is supposed to be quite but it depends what your into really – plenty if pills flying about i hear, but these places don’t have the proper free party vibe

    If you’re into psytrance, Illuminaughty is based in manchester and i hear they put on really good nights. Can’t really offer you much info on the underground scene and free parties im afraid since none of my uni mates are into that. also i know nothing about hull sorry

    General Lighting

    Manchester is about the best place in that area for EDM nights.

    If you are going up to University the scene you are trying to get into is now older than you so the feds etc are well aware of how the scene works and how to stop it. Plus hosting an event where hard drugs are used and attendees are students usually below age 25 can even get you in trouble for “creating unsafe environment for vulnerable young people” which is really career limiting for someone who is themselves a student and wants to get a job in paid event management when they graduate (all these jobs are CRB checked). Hence why student nights are “booze friendly” as its just about still legal, though students are now judged harshly even for booze.

    Compared to when I (briefly) went up to University (many years ago now :crazy: ) students are more conservative when it comes to drugs and booze and much more ambitious about their futures. OK this might not be a bad thing as it means that the bulk of todays students might even be there because they want to be rather than being forced there by parents, but from what PV users who have gone up over the years have told us its no longer the “4 year party” it once was claimed to be. We in fact get loads of people askiing to erase their profile after graduation as they are worried about pre-employment lifestyle screening when they apply to jobs and not without good reason.

    All that said if you really do want to do well at uni it might be worth going to a place with less social life / distractions so you end up forcing yourself to study as there is nothing else to do…


    Thanks for the info guys, I’m not really going to go to Uni for the parties and clubbing. Admittedly yes for the social life and to meet loads of new people, but my main focus is a qualification. I don’t actually have many options though, so aside from west London university which I’m enroute to checking out now and regents college… It’s just up north for me.

    I hear the drugs scene in Newcastle or even up north in general is quite big, I used to know someone from up there, or maybe it was just his group…

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