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    General Lighting

      no, not bird flu but is everyone else suffering from colds/other viruses?

      I have been unwell this week to the point I had to call in sick at work (in fact I was advised to do so after Monday, originally I had thought I wasn’t that bad)

      a few other people I know have been unwell…

      was gonna go to brizzle this weekend but just don’t feel up to it…

      who else is unwell at the moment?


        Me………. Got flu’y thing and now a migraine

        That bad that i have to cancel tonights radio show….:sick::sad:

        So i’m off coz my head hurts just looking at this..


          boo hoo 🙁
          get well guys and rest up – sleep is key!
          eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables – oh and my grampa would insist on a honey, lemon and whiskey (heavy on the whiskey) hot drink to wash it all down – if nothing else it might knock you out so at least you won’t be aware of how shit you feel


            loads of it about

            there’s an old polish ‘cure’ which says that as soon as you feel a cold coming on, you should shut yourself in with all the heating on and neck a bottle of vodka. avoid any water. by dehydrating yourself like this you will feel hungover the next day, but any virus will find you a nasty host and abandon ship



              I had it last week and almost everyone I know has had some sort of flu or cold in the last 3 weeks. Seriously, almost everybody I know. I’m talking about 90%


                Yeah Ive got the lurgi. Just had to leave a party because my head is pounding. I normally soilder on but it was too much.

                Techno Viking

                  No symptoms for me so far, here’s hoping I can avoid it!

                  funny cat

                    grrrrr…i had a stomach bug from last sat night til tues and now on fri i got a stinking cold!!! :sick: stoooopid, useless immune system!!!! :you_smart

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