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      Just thought i’d say how cool it is to be on a site where people from all over the world feel comfortable sharing their veiws…

      big shout out to all the people across the globe..

      i know i’ve chatted to Austrailians, North Americans, French, Italian, Spanish..the list goes on…what it does highlight to me is that the internet is still the preserve of the wealthy…where’s the South Americans at? The Asians, or Africans? (i know there has been some south africans on here, but i dont think thats where they originated from…

      its such a shame that a ‘free’ source of info is restricted to the people who probably need it least….if there was the net in more remote villages then medicinal knowledge would be easy to get hold of.

      Bill gates…buy the whole world a computer…you know you can afford it!

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