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    @The Psyentist 513283 wrote:

    Well to be fair you had a senior moment and didn’t even finish your question. You ended it with but?

    And the delightful young gentleman still had the decency to provide an answer.

    No, it’s an Australianism. It’s sort of like saying though.

    Pat McDonald

    @dubstep_joe 513110 wrote:

    I’m wondering… If a neuron can be either ‘on’ or ‘off’ this represent a binary digit… So if we took the maximum denisty of neurons per cubic meter… Could we get rough estimate on how much ‘bits’ a brain could theoretically posses at a given instance?

    It’s a nice idea but a) there is no knowledge of how exactly brains store memories, in terms of mechanism and b) there isn’t a universal method of coding information.

    Information is MEANINGFUL data. Snag is, MEANINGFUL to whom?

    Even worse, c) neurons aren’t linked into one other neuron. Rather, one neuron firing can activate many others. There have been some recent experiments with trying to map different neural maps with different stimuli to try to work out what a brain is thinking just by measuring the different activity, but it appears the actual maps are specific to individual humans.

    Put “Neural map picture” into Google to read more about that sort of research. 🙂

    But your brain can store oodles and oodles. Generally speaking it’s when we are distracted or under pressure that we “forget” – or perhaps rather, don’t record the information properly in the first place,

    The Psyentist

    @chrispydelic 513411 wrote:

    No, it’s an Australianism. It’s sort of like saying though.

    If that’s true it’s confusing and she’s lived in Edinburgh for a decade now so she should be finishing her sentence aye or ach d’neh or Donald were’s yer troosers or something like that.
    If we’re gona start replacing 1 word with another from this day forth I shall erase ‘daffodil’ from my vocabulary and refer to them as Shatner’s bassoon.
    And I may occasionally call my garage daffodil just to keep things ‘trumpets’. Oh wait no I meant fresh

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)

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