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      Inspired by Discopete putting up his writing and letter us all into his (un)healthy obsession with virgins and furious masterbating; I thought I’d share a piece I wrote last night about a meeting of the climate caravan on Tues night.

      I wrote it in the style of a newspaper article. I have in fact sent it to thelondonpaper, but doubt it’ll get in. Anyway;

      I saw the beginnings of the revolution on Tues night. I went to a meeting at the Synergy Centre in Oval because I thought it would be interesting, and walked away shaking with an excitement I haven’t felt since I first discovered the joys of music and dancing.

      There was something in the air. Maybe it was the fact that there was such a range of people in attendance. The audience and speakers included a middle-aged housewife, a Camden councillor, a few angry young activists, and some wise older campaigners. Children and teenagers, babies and mothers, Asian guys and Black guys (am I still allowed to say that?), hippies and guys in suits (well, me in jeans and shirt anyway.)

      Or maybe it was the fact that everyone was agreeing with each other. Maybe not on the finer points of how; but definitely on the what, and the where and the why. And even the how wasn’t as big as it has been. In fact, there were so many ‘hows’ that the main problem was more which how, or what combination of hows?

      For me this is where the tide starts to turn. This is the moment that people from all walks of life start to stand up and get involved. This is the point that people, that is- you and me- stand up and say: “Actually, you shouldn’t be doing it like that. It’s not the right way to do it.”

      It’s not right that I’m living on chemically preserved food from half way round the world. It’s not right that I flush a gallon of perfectly clean water every time I use the toilet. And it’s definitely not right that BP is making £37 million a day profit while everyone around me is slipping into fuel poverty.

      This is what I saw tonight. Like it or not we are all facing the biggest challenge the world has ever faced. And it will affect us all. It’s already affecting us. And tonight I saw people standing up and getting involved. Action is no longer the domain of the young and idealistic. In order to deal with the consequences of the last 100 years of our addiction to oil, everyone must get involved. How long will you sit there, reading headline after headline about the oil crises until you say, “Actually, I don’t think I want it to be like this?”

      Because it doesn’t have to be like this: you don’t have to blindly accept rising fuel prices, and a quite simply lacklustre response from those in power. What I saw on Tuesday were people from all walks of life taking matters into their own hands. From local communities working on sustainable solutions in the form of Transition Towns, to seasoned campaigners gearing up for the Climate Camp; which from the evidence of the last few events proves to be an awesome meeting of minds. If you don’t think you have the time (let’s be honest- who in London does?); there’s even a service that’ll do all the carbon/energy reduction work for you- the Green Homes Concierge Service.

      This is only the second time I’ve ever been inspired enough to write about something, let alone see if anyone will actually publish it! So if you’re reading this it means I managed it. Which means that you might be inspired to do something, which means it was worth waking up my flatmate by my over excited typing!

      Getting involved doesn’t have to be a big thing. Every little helps, from turning off that light to putting a brick in your toilet cistern. And if you really want to get involved, and get inspired, head on down to Kingsnorth next week. It’s not far, and could very well be the start of something big………….


        Not sure why that last para is small, but there you go.


          i enjoyed reading that….. seems to be an ever increasing theme of our times, crisis or near crisis and incompitent, slow ‘action’ from the people in charge… hopefully the human race will die out and leave the world alone.

          General Lighting

            so many people could improve London by taking to their bicycles – although traffic can be bad its not that horrendous, I even used to occasionally cycle from Reading to West London. The capital is only about 15 miles across each way..

            went to look at a weather forecast and saw this news from met office

            Professor John Mitchell OBE FRS, Director of Climate Science at the Met Office said: “We note Ofcom’s ruling today. The Great Global Warming Swindle programme put the message about man-made global warming back by 10 years in the public’s mind. The Met Office, along with the mainstream scientific community, firmly believes that climate research has captured the essential aspects of what is causing our planet to warm. The Met Office will continue to work to inform and advise that climate change is real and an issue which needs to be addressed.”

            now Met Office is a part of the Ministry of Defence and doesn’t go for scaremongering or hype…

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