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      Hello, I am new to this site, and was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me some info on any up and coming raves in the essex area?If you could email me : That would be a great help, thanks


        you need to make friends and contribute, no one is going to give you party info sorry


          Bloody hell you are the first person to ask for party info in a long ol time!!!

          Usually it’s people asking for drone links, Tempted to give you some details but that goes against my fascist ways so alas i cannot.

          Sorry, Like 84 says, stick around and get to know people.



            Probably been said before, but couldn’t something be mentioned in big red letters in the initial email you get when you sign up?

            There’s nothing wrong with asking like, I think most of us did. But If I was told not to and why in the first Email, or even a PM you sometimes get when you sign up titled DO NOT DO THIS, should get people’s attention 🙂

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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