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    Was this your doing?:laugh_at:


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    not me; its a duck (female mallard or hybrid) rather than a goose and when I lived in London I was in the 081 area anyway. I am not sure if there are many places in London where you could legally keep a goose; as it wouldn’t be allowed where I live (suburban SW Ipswich) although OK in Mid Suffolk;

    The whole goose concept came about because around two winters ago I saw a headline in the East Anglian News “Order Goose Now”, and a friend had goose eggs for hatching and goslings, so I seriously considered getting a pet goose.

    However you need to raise them in pairs, and they take up a lot of space and make a lot of noise/muck which is tolerable in the country but gets you an ASBO in town. In any case my neighbours have acquired a rather elderly small bull terrier, which would almost certainly get bullied by the geese, especially as the North Sea wind has put down
    most of the fence on their side. In the end I adopted some of Trizin’s geese at Groningen. There is also a Professor at the University sticking up for geese in this area and explaing why there are about 600 000 in NL (3 times the entire human population).

    Dr. Maarten Loonen: ?De gans verdient beter? | Opinie | Mensen en meningen | Nieuws en agenda | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    there was actually a stray goose in West London recently (it had got confused and wandered in the wrong direction away from the Thames)

    In Pictures: Lost goose takes a gander round Hammersmith – Get West London

    AvatarGylfi Gudbjornsson

    Master of mallards is his favourite song I assume

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