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    saw that show enigma the other week and was just wondering what u guys think about it the part where he called the spirits up to do stuff behind the curtains it was nuts lol what r ur opinions of it/him?


    if he’s not a massive fake then he has an amazing talent for reading people and putting ideas in peoples heads.

    Nearly all his tricks can be explained by him making someone think of something without them knowing why, or him doing some hardcore cold reading. Wouldnt it past humanity to have a few people that excel at that particular thing. Look at the crazy skills autistic people can get. Cant help but wonder if its all put ups and camera tricks tho.

    One things if for sure, its a good job he works in entertainment and not advertising or politics.

    AvatarTank Girl

    didnt manage to watch it – am hoping its on 4od, for when I have time to -as wanted to see it but was out

    do like him – from what I’ve seen, very interesting and clever,

    but yeh I do also wonder if there is any ‘set up’, but cant imagine he’d have ‘got away’ with it if so – for so long – and I’ve not heard of any story’s to the contrary

    go his book for Christmas which is next on me to read list!


    I find him fascinating, it pretty much is a combination of what he says ‘magic misdirection & showmanship’ as a mix of traditional magic tricks, cold reading and psychological tricks that encourage people to think one thing whilst dressing it all up as something different. His first book is interesting, I don’t think it would be quite do bad if he worked in advertising or politics though – many of the successful/powerful people who do use a lot of similar ideas and theories as him, without the same honesty in their deception..


    He doesn’t wright his own tricks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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