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    I know they are strict about preventing unwanted interference (they turned up with 4 of them as well as Dutch Politie to bust a pirate recently, well across the border in Drenthe (the pirates got 3 letters in German (explaining the authorisation to do this), a list of what the BNetza took away and a further letter in Dutch telling them off; but didn’t realise the rules went this far

    The cartoon is from a longer leaflet warning installers of cable TV distribution to always use correct methods and equipment to prevent modern TV sets leaking UHF signals from their internal circuits back through the cable like an antenna; as enough of these can apparently get onto the air band and TETRA (emergency service comms) – there have been a few bad TV sets in UK which triggered off the marine distress beacons…

    apparently you are now supposed to test your new cable-TV extension for QRM (interference) with what looks like some Rhode & Schwarz or Agilent type equipment (about €2500 for cheap stuff like this)


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