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      For you country folk here, come on lets hear you chedder vally cider stories, and your attempts at the chedder challenge.

      I’ll start there was this cider festival near where i live, so me and group of mates decided to go, i turn up with 2 other mates about 30 mins later then everyone else.

      Basically everyone there had been drinking this cider that some of you will know as chedder vally. Anyone who has drank it will know it gets you wasted. they ahd been drinking it before we had got there. they we’re wasted so me and my mate decided to catch up with them by donig the chedder challenge.

      The chedder challenge we play ( it changes depending on palce) was to drink 3 pints in 10 mins, i did 2 and a bit, my mate did all 3. After this we all lost count how much we drank and all ended up streaking down the main road (a group of about 15).

      all in all good night:weee:


        CHEDDER! :weee:

        my mates from weymouth love it, but i thibk its rank.:weee:

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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