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      New website can you tell me what you think

      General Lighting

        basic but effective site – got a sort of late 90s feel to it but thats not a bad thing! I prefer the “old skool” approach to websites though, as it means those who are using older computers or non M$ browers are less likely to experience problems. the active x and flash animations used on other sites sometims play up or dont work on linux.

        it is after all a comms resource for a free party crew rather than showing off your dot-com skills to gain a design contract; the message is the important thing rather than how pretty the site looks..

        the only thing I would be wary of is showing a party line days/weeks before the event; that gives cops advance time to get the line monitored or just ring it and find out where the party is. Of course you have to balance the security risk against providing the vital info to your party people….


          Will take concentration in what you said Thanx


            Easy mate….nice site….good to see ya got some ting goin on.
            I like the Graffiti…cool…and i was definatly havin the NO MC policy..yes yes!!
            You are puttin a bit too much info up about ya partys i thought.
            Ya gotta be a bit cagey….build the hype with pre flyers …no info apart from logo and date. Take all ya numbers off apart from a non party line. Then jus stick a different line on each time..and only on the Night of party.
            Good luck with the party …check out our site.

            DStorm website…
            there are some links to mix tapes..we play French Hardtek and Hardcore..We also import vinyl from if ya like the tunes Mail me to find out how to get hold of some.
            Take time…James

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