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    I went to an oldskool Epidemik at the weekend – saw Ratpack woohoo, talk about wall-to-wall smiles 🙂 Touched my soul it did :love:

    Met them briefly – they are so niiiiiiiiiiiice!

    Also saw: Baby D, Slipmatt, Krome & Time, Billy Bunter, Swan-E – amongst others. I stomped it all night til 6 am, in between talking bollox all over the place lol. had a rite laugh as well which hadn’t expected, well silly it was :laugh_at:

    And don’t remember half of it :crazy_dru – Quite rite too.

    Apart from Ratpack – which was bordering on ‘religious’ hehe. Ok – Spiritual then. They been in my life for a long time. They spread PLUR ffs, Real PLUR! – anyways . . . Apart from that . . .

    My other main highpoints of the nite included gettin’ on down to a fire alarm – for about 10 mins before realising it wasn’t a choooooon!! I was outside, having a cigarette, wafflin away to someone, and at same time i was thinking ‘hmmm that musics gone a bit far out n trippy, gonna go back in – have a stomp to that in a min. Then i realised there was no music. Good job i asked someone, before i ran back in and took the floor by storm! Haven’t got that messy for lonnnnng time raaaraaaraaa

    We were only kept outside for about 15 mins. The fire alarm was set off deliberately of course, twats. :you_crazy

    But still 15 mins to get the fire brigade from across town to come check out the venue and declare it safe, and get us back in – not bad i reckon.

    But I personally think that as long as no-one is dead or owt, they should just whack the mutha of a bassline behind that alarm – and lets get back on with our nite ffs :bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_fl

    Oh yeah – I was also hugged by some gorgeous blue lighting too!:love:

    Feeling reborn n refreshed n motivated to breathe – better than any prescription or ‘tonic’ i ever had – am still grinning and it’s been nearly a week now!

    Just wanted to share that with PV :group_hug:group_hug:group_hug

    PS Brief re-cap – Oldskool nites are wicked they make u fluffy and happy!
    That shiz should be bottled and called ‘Sur-weet Harmony’ :love:


    Gutted I missed it. Although I’m doing a Hardcore + jungle night in Bury tonight if you’re looking for something to do:

    Won’t be as big, but still fun!!!


    Sorry mate, couldn’t make it – working at 7.30 Sat mornnig. Could always divert on way for a breakfast stomp hehe!

    Bigup ya junglist massive 🙂


    sounds like you have a good night, not had a night like that myself in a long time.

    i need a good stomp:bounce_fl :bounce_g: :bounce_fl :bounce_g:

    General Lighting

    I always get loads of DSI messages about these nights and have been tempted but have always thought “nah, you can’t relive the past” (although came close to it at early 2007’s outdoor raves)

    might check one out though, although it costs something stupid like about £30 to go London by train these days

    shame about the fire bell being set off, it pisses me off as every turnout on blues is a risk to the firefighters and others on the road (appliances have been involved in RTCs) – too many of these and LFB both charge the venue owner for the costs and notify metpol that there is a problem with false alerts (and this will be traced back to the events as the cops have a list of all dance music events under “Safe and Sound” protocol).

    won’t be good on the licensing renewals either… Where I used to live scum would do this to fuck up other “rival” crews events because they knew the venue owners often wouldn’t invite the crew back if they got a load of grief (and a bill!) from the Fire Brigade and the Police

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