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      87 socialism gave way to socialising,
      so put your hands up in the air once more

      ah shit man
      i am such a silly person. silly silly silly. good weekend at the expense of lettin ppl down, never good in hindsight


        we are all alowd to have fun once in a while … life wasn’t made to be serious all the time …. it’s only presented to us like that, we have not much controll over who dictates “social acseptance” to us … now i’m not quite sure what you did … you could of puked over some ones shoes or you could of pukes in a bag and thrown it at some one … i doubt it’s either .. but it sounds like you got a bit too messy … this happens … drink and drugs take you out of your normal state of mind … when your not thinking properly you are more likely to do something that you may not do when sober … if you start doing drugs/drinking you risk getting into the frame of mind where you wanna do more … and can easily over do it and end up acting like a tit … you have to make a choise … either you take loads of drugs and drink and fuck your self and ever one around you up … you dont take any or try and regulate it and run the risk of overdoing it and then taking too much of everything and acting like a tit …

        i try option 3 … but once in a while i take it too far and end up fucking my self up in one way or another … you have to know your bounderys and stick to them .. but this gets blured when taking/doing things that cloud your judgement … it’s a catch 22


          sounds like what happened to me (getting let down, alot of times)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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