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      mooo! I wonder how long it can stay on the run? hopefully it can be captured alive without anyone getting hurt…

      Loose bull spotted in city garden

      A bull which was on the loose in woodland has given farmers the slip again – after turning up in a garden.

      The Aberdeen Angus, which escaped from a farm in North Somerset last week, was spotted on Sunday in the front garden of a house in Abbots Leigh, Bristol.

      It had recently been weaned, and would have been “quite irritable”, according to its owner, farmer Nigel Mail.

      Another attempt to capture it will be made on Monday after it was seen in Leigh Woods around Bristol.

      Resident Sarah Hewitt, who spotted the bull in her parents’ garden, said it gave her a shock.

      ‘Once in a lifetime’

      She said: “It was in the front garden just staring at us. We knew it was the missing bullock, but it’s not where you expect to see a bullock!…”

      Farmer Mr Mail told the BBC: “I’ve never had one like this before. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, and I wouldn’t want to do it again.

      “It’s only a baby, and weighs about 450 kilos. You wouldn’t want to get in front of it, though. It would be like Jonah Lomu running though you, and then some!”

      Mr Mail added: “We’re going to use its mother to try and coax it back into its field.”

      Story from BBC NEWS:

      Published: 2005/02/13 15:49:54 GMT

      © BBC MMV

      General Lighting

        of course it may probably end up one day as steaks and sunday joints anyway, but at least it got back without being collided into by a car, shot by armed police. or put down for being suspicious [1]

        Escapee bull is finally captured

        An errant bull that has given his owner the slip for more than a week has finally been caught.

        The Aberdeen Angus escaped from a farm in North Somerset, before being spotted in woodland around Leigh Woods and then in a garden in Abbots Leigh.

        It had just been weaned, and would have been “quite irritable”, says owner Nigel Mail.

        The bull was inticed back into its field using its mother and another bull on Thursday afternoon.

        [1] if no one claims it is may be classed as BSE/FMD risk animal

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