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    The current state of Israel was founded in 1947. The ROTHSCHILDS, an international banking family, who claim to be jewish, funded it’s founding and have funded most of the infrastructure to build Israel up to the advanced country it is today. Did you know that the US gives nearly $30 Billion to Israel every year? (just coincidentally about the same amount we cut from all non-military spending in our budget this year- benefits being taken from Americans) Do you know why the US states that Israel is our ally no matter what? Our government states that they are our ally simply because they are a democracy. Things are never what they seem, or what they tell you. The Rothschilds, who founded Israel and continue to back them, are also the LARGEST shareholders in the US’s “un”Federal Reserve. Our Federal Reserve is a private entity that prints our money. Our government prepares a bond that they give to the Federal Reserve when they need money, promising to pay the money back, WITH INTEREST, back to the Federal Reserve. Every dollar you see is issued this way, under a debt-money system. Almost 20 percent of our federal budget annually pays the interest on our ever-growing national debt, over 8 trillion now…. That interest is paid to the Federal Reserve, who, in turn, distribute the profits to the shareholders of the Federal Reserve, 70 percent of which are foreign!

    Did you think maybe our government backs Israel because over 80 percent of our nation is Christian, and the Bible says that we must support Israel? You would be wrong….. The Bible says that GOD will reinstate the nation of Israel when he returns to Earth. It does not state that Israel will be re-created when an international banker creates the state. Do you remember the ONLY time Jesus became violent in his life? This was when he overturned the tables in the marketplace in protest of the “moneylenders” or bankers because he did not agree with their debt-money system. He stated that money should never be given to your fellow man and expected to be repaid with interest. Thus, I have to dispute the Christian’s claim (and I am a Christian, but perhaps I am the only one that has read my Bible?) that the current nation of Israel are the “chosen people.” Yet, churches across America are preaching this to the sheep-herded masses. Every dollar bill we have, since 1957, has been printed with “In God We Trust” on it. However, since the formation of our Federal Reserve in 1913, every dollar printed has been a crime against God, because it is issued under a debt-money system.

    This debt-money system perpetrated by our “un”Federal Reserve keeps America enslaved to the Rothschilds and other international bankers whims and demands. Major monetarists, including the current Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, advocate that the Federal Reserve caused the last Great Depression of 1929 to happen, by decreasing the amount of money in circulation. Please understand that the Federal Reserve has the power to do this again at any time. They did it last time because the US did not want to enter into World War II. The Great Depression showed them that they did not have a choice in the matter. Money is power after all… and to control a nation’s money is to control it’s policies. Mayer Rothschild once said “If I control a nation’s money, I care not who writes it’s laws.” Now the problem with much of the World today is that the Rothschilds and their cabal of international bankers now control the vast majority of ALL central banks in countries around the World.

    Question: In 2001, which 8 countries did not have a Rothschild-controlled central bank?
    Answer: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, and North Korea.
    Question: Who’s left now?
    Answer: Well, strike Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya off that list…they’ve either been conquered or bent over (Muammar), so now it’s just Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Sudan.
    Hmmmmmm…so that’s what they mean by the “Axis of Evil.”

    You know what else I find amazing? The fact that Anderson Cooper has no problem going anywhere in Lebanon, even into Hezbollah territory to get a great story, and yet he has NEVER gone into Iraq (you know~ that silent war America is fighting every day)!

    So why is the media and the likes of Newt Gingrich saying this is the beginning of World War III? Are they just conditioning us to what the international bankers have already determined is our future? The mainstream US media is owned by only 6 corporations, so most info fed through them is filtered by the higher ups. But let me lay out a likely scenario for you, so we can understand how truly close to World War III we may be….

    Now right now the conflicts in the region are as follows:
    Israel/Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon
    Israel/Palestine in the Gaza Strip
    US in Iraq

    Should Israel decide to invade Lebanon, the small Lebanese military will join Hezbollah in the fighting to protect their southern border. Should Israel accidentally or otherwise drop a single bomb on Syria, Lebanon’s neighbor, Syria will become involved, and Iran has promised that if Syria is attacked by Israel, they will get involved. Should Syria and/or Iran enter the conflict, Israel, with a history of being unsuccessful in that region, will request the US’s assistance and we will come running to their side. Should we enter the conflict, one can almost guarantee Iran will take this as a supreme threat over the entire region, and will bomb the oil fields of Iraq, Kuwait, Suadi Arabia, and will also possibly bomb our places in Afghanistan. Iran has long-reaching missiles and a battle-hardened LARGE standing military. Should they bomb the oil fields now protected by the US, we will likely see the rise of oil prices to some ungodly sum, like $1,000/barrel!!! Our economy is completely fragile right now and I do believe this would send us spiraling down into a fullscale crash, which would mean hard times for the US. It would mean, however, just as with the depression, higher enlistments in the US military….

    This will mean the entire Middle Eastern region would be in all out full-scale conflict. This would mean Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iraqi insurgents, Al Queda, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Palestinians from Jordan, Pakistani radicals, all joining forces against the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in the region. My guess is that Europe will largely sit on the sidelines, while Britain will lend small forces to the US’s aid. The big question is how Russia and China will enter into said conflict. Both countries have large interests in the area and how they play may well determine how the US comes out in the end.

    What worries me so much is that should the US become embroiled in this WWIII, besides the prospect of another depression, we definetly will not have seen the end of terrorist attacks in America. The radicals in the Middle Eastern region already hate us…and this would provide massive fuel to their already raging fires of contempt. Should the fall of our economy result in US riots, or in the event of another major terrorist attack, there are Executive Orders issued by the President in place that would allow him to take over ALL of the infrastructure of the United States, creating a police state where we are essentially in a fascist dictatorship, completing the trend we have been following for the last half a century. This would mean the complete end of FREEDOM in America……

    And what is so scary is that all of this could happen and escalate so quickly, that this could all happen in a month or two month’s time…….yet most of America is obliviously sitting on the sidelines with no idea nor any desire to know what is happening. The US conditioning system has worked so well……

    Like a flock of sheep being led to the slaughter….


    did you write all that?


    naa, my brains not big enough, but its a good insight, ay?


    do you have a link to where you found it?


    hey glo try this site for some interesting stuff along the same lines


    what do you think of this?

    i got it of a mate of mine, not sure were she got it from

    Agent Subby

    Mel Gibson might have got ‘some’ of his rant correct!:groucho: :groucho:

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