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Audience figures for September 2013

I’m pleased to say that we saw the following metrics in September 2013. Total listener minutes: 8299608 minute(s) Total listening hours (TLH): 138326.80 Total sessions: 173336 session(s) Average session length: 47.9 minute(s) Unique listeners: 108673 listener(s) Unique countries: 205 countries Related ... Read More »

October 06, 2013 0

Audience figures for August 2013

I’m pleased to say that Party Vibe radio saw the following metrics in August 2013 Total listener minutes: 8358379 minute(s) Total listening hours (TLH): 139306.32 Total sessions: 171211 session(s) Average session length: 48.8 minute(s) Unique listeners: 106813 listener(s) Unique countries: ... Read More »

September 01, 2013 0

Party Vibe takes the honors yet again!

Once again it’s really nice to see us doing well for listeners having taken first place and several other top 10 rankings for most popular radio station over at Internet Radio in August 2012: 1. ... Read More »

September 08, 2012 0

Interesting listeners tuned in right now

Now here’s an interesting address to see tuned in: Related posts: Audience figures for October 2013 Audience figures for January 2009 Audience figures for the year 2013 Audience figures for December 2013

August 16, 2012 0

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