Audience figures for October 2013

I’m pleased to say that we saw the following metrics in October 2013.


Total listener minutes 9117488 minute(s).
Total listening hours (TLH) 151958.13.
Total sessions 200054 session(s).
Average session length 45.6 minute(s)
Total data transfer 20440838.5 MB
Average data transfer 102.2 MB/session
Unique listeners 127101 listener(s)
Unique countries 208 countries

Worth mentioning this month, we saw a large spike in the number of radio listeners connected to the breakbeat stream for about 3 days with a number tripple the average. Because shoutcast doesn’t provide referrer information I have no idea where this traffic came from unfortunately. These figures also show an increase of 30,000 new listener sessions from the previous month or a 15 percent increase which is great…

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