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    ive met sum really sound n safe side ppl who wer home tutored.
    home tutoring is perfectly natural yaknow!! geeeeee dont forget who u are.
    kids in middle school my boy go too already do drugs..and sell drugs.
    its all about the bling bling n material boys a street kid..he’s had to really toughen up not just on streets but in school more so where he hasn’t got his mum or friends..and FIGHT to protect himself.he’s a good reputation wiv the lads now in school but not for being smart..for being rough.he’ is more concerned wiv being able to protect himself than learning.
    schools like a crazy place in playground..its not good to have all those kids together wer they tease and bully n etc..with wat? one dinner lady in playground who blatently dont give a fuck..doesnt protect them.and doesn’t know them.
    i can remeber bein in that very school being molested by a boy too scared to say anything at ten yrs old.
    i dont want that happening to my their mother n should be there for them for those six hours 5 days a week..its insane.not to be.
    the p.e teachers man handle the pupils ..ive com
    plained but its procedure and they are allowed to man handle them the small my son doesn’t play football cos the p.e teacher likes to grab em from scruff of neck n push em about.8 yrs old n 9yr son is amazing at football too.

    my kids mix wiv kids more outa school than in school aaaanyway.cos i aint an nerdy mum who stays in all time n wrap em in cotton wool n only sends em school n butlin holidays etc..they experience life with me for real.
    if i home tutored id take him wiv me..and where we be goin there be plenty kids in same boat.but wiv real loving ppl who know them inside n out to supervise them and teach them well.
    one on one..not one in 30 like u get in concentration levels fall n sum kids never learn i did.
    the only time i can go traveling wiv kids is while its school holidays,which aint much attal, rest of year im stuck to this place cos if kids dont go school we get fined£1000 or i go kids go to school and im stuck at home cos i have to drop em off n pick up daily at school(insitution)its not just the kids freedom but sendin kids to school keeps the parents on lockdown too.5 days outa seven for 6 n half hours daily.

    my boy got in a few bits of trouble in lower school ie fiddling in class room n talking..the head teacher put this on his report..detentioned my boy endless times..n just basicly gave my son a shit reputation wiv his next school…now everytime my son fiddles in his class room he is given bad report A ACTUAL YELLOW CARD OR RED CARD,SINCE HE STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL NOT EVEN A YEAR AGO HE HAS HAD 35 CARDS n teachers talking of suspension..remeber the child on fiddles n chats occasionly when he shouldn’t ..n this report goes onto next childs been labeled as bad for fuck all..they look upon my child with negative eyes..that aint doin him no justice.when he gets a card he cries because he is so fearfull of what will happen next to him..for fuckall.
    and you know how the teachers love to assume and pick on you take out there own bad days on you.well i do!systems fucked.and this is truth that ive seen,id rather negative energy come from me or ma friends than a teacher who i dont kno or even like

    this is comming from a mother who has actually experienced the effects of schooling on her own children and herself n friends who all say same..and tbh its not fucking goood in most cases..cos we ghetto youth?.ya get me.we get classed n judged.and they already said my son wont amount to much.I SAID TO THEM MY CHILD WILL SUCCEED BECAUSE HE HAS A MOTHER WHO BELIEVE IN HIM.