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    I’ve got 26 year old female friends who go out raving a lot. I actually know some 30+ female ravers. Surely it just depends on the group the DC was trying to infiltrate and whether she was the same age as them as opposed to how old she is on it’s own? I mean if she was trying to get into a group of 35 year old ravers she might of been to young right?

    It was Suffolk. for monitoring drug users over their mid 20a they use the Major Crime Investigation teams and the NHS mental health professionals, not rookie detectives. In multicultural coastal areas they don’t do stuff by halves.

    Although this place is by no means “backward” compared to London or SE England people are stubborn and opinionated and there has been a major backlash against the night time economy as a whole (including townie places) since the 2006 murders and also previous incidents associated with the rave scene. Even many hippy friends from the local cycling groups find me discussing what I got up to in the 1990s uncomfortable and a lot of my friends (many of whom are female) are really anti drugs because of what they saw close friends go through (they are not right wing daily mail readers by any means).

    Anyone still partying at my age (irrespective of gender) is now viewed with suspicion not just by cops but the whole of society! whilst its not quite the same in other Northern European nations the attitudes there seem to be changing. Other than townie clubs in low income high crime areas (which are only tolerated as the other crimes mask the impact) Many of the dance music genres we prefer on here are viewed as a throwback from the affluent optimistic 1990s, times which are now gone for good and no amount of drugs (which to be fair are more plentiful than ever before) will bring them back. Newer genres like dubstep and grime aren’t as friendly to girls/women and associated with major security problems at events.

    There are loads of girls/women online and on other forums especially stuff to do with crafts. The techie sites in England are still male dominated but on foreign ones there are more girls/women.