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Pat McDonald

    To answer the question – there is a logical disproof of one-to-one reincarnation (lives following on from one another).

    If this phenomena was real, then as life forms die out in the universe from catastrophic effects (supernovae, planetery impacts from comets etc) then if reincarnation was real, we would see life spontaneously forming for no apparent reason (virgin births, bacteria splitting and multiplying under sterile foodless conditions, frogs appearing without frog spawn, etc etc etc).

    No such effects are observed. Therefore, reincarnation on a one-to-one, here one minute and there another, is false.

    It does however leave open the idea of partial reincarnation – as we die, our experience gets passed out to a universal consciousness, and new life is formed with access to the universal consciousness. Thus allowing access to information from “past lives” without the actual experience of “past lives”.

    I can’t give out a link, as I came up with this pretty much on my own. Although I have heard from at least one person that it’s the position of some of the British Psychical Research Society).