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    Jesus – where do I start…?

    Moved to Bristol when I was 15 after a long standing civil war with the old man.. no contact with him for over a year and had to call the phonebox around the corner from my parents house to speak to my mother! Compared with the delinquent 15 year olds that I see these days (and i’m only 22!) – I don’t think that I was that bad when I was younger…. but having to stand on my own 2 feet.. realise that life isn’t all hunky-dory and get a job so that I could eat etc at such a young age really has made me a much better person. When I say to people that I moved out at 15 they look at me as if to say “Your parents didn’t give a shit about you” but it was the best thing that they could have done! I am wise beyond my years in so many ways, perhaps I have seen and know about things that I shouldn’t but that’s better than leading a sheltered life and being naiive isn’t it?

    School taught me a lot too…… GCSE’s, A-levels, UCAS points, Duke of Edinburugh awards aren’t everything… and I had a Catholic education – it’s so full of shit!!!!

    I could be typing all night about experiences and situations that have made me the person that I am ….. but everything from the happy times I had when I was a kid, the hard times I went through as a teenager and the head fucks I brought upon myself to the people wh have drifted in and out of my life have all taught me lessons opened my mind and made me a better person… I don’t know if my bubbly personality or sunny outlook on life has helped, maybe things could have been different..?

    Does anything else think that the way you look at things can make you a better/worse person?