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    skattyasfuk wrote:
    why anyone would want to bring spray paint to a party is beyond me :rant: unless of coarse they where actually going to draw something artistic and not some stupid tag!

    it is a nuisance and a safety hazard; the fumes are a fire risk and also harsh on the lungs…. I’ve also heard of spray paint being used as a mugging weapon (nasty!) although thankfully not in our area.

    For those who like graf; why not just have a chat with the crews at the end of the rave? many of them will pay for backdrops etc…

    GL thinking of coming to the boxing club on 14th do u know where I can get directions for it from reading train station? :bounce_p:[/quote]

    I should be there (possibly helping set stuff up….)

    there’s a map of it on the 192 entry here. This map is facing north upwards (caversham) and shows the Oxford Road in the centre. The right centre bit is the IDR roundabout near the Rennaisance (formerly Ramada) hotel. Bear in mind that the chatham Street car park is being (has been?) knocked in and is a building site now..