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Gylfi Gudbjornsson

    @barrettone 467503 wrote:

    Gooner through and through mate. I aspired to become a footballer and eventually play for them, but because I lived in Brazil during my early teens, the system there requires you to quit school and live at the club army-camp style if you want to become a footballer, and my parents were not ok with that.

    So I just get myself to every home game I can afford.

    ahhh, from the sounds of thigs your a VERY well travelled individual.

    Yeah, fuck army/football camp. Would rather an education TBH. But then again, I suppose that’s how it goes out there.

    mate, I haven’t been to a match in a while, well, tell a lie, more like years! just can’t afford it, dunno why we (spurs) have such expensive pricing, a band C match is still £40! and thats for half decent seats. But blah blah blah…..I’m ranting….I’ll save it for another thread

    BTW….we play each other on the 29th of this month…….have to get the banter goin closer to the time!