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    yanks can be annoying. the whooping an a hollering over any simple action gets right on my paps man. “Hey Josh the postmans just delivered the mail” cue “Whoah Yeah AWSOME clap clap woop woop etc and don’t start me on the “in the hole’ guys at the golf. par 5, 545 yards…..first shot….swing whoosh ping…..”in the hole!” feckin impossible Hank, impossible:you_crazy

    on the whole though, nice folks with no concept on the world outside there own borders. no biggy though, why should they care?

    i lived there for 6 months and it was the best time of my life. met and lived amongst some great folks and a few arseholes too. just like anywhere really.

    and any country that has the word ‘spangled’ in their anthem is alright with me dude raaa as i was spangled out my tree for practically the whole time i was there! Yee feckin Hah cowboy :weee: