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My tip of the day is about phone upgrades. My advice: Don’t get ’em!

I’m with the network 3. a couple of years back my 18 month contract was coming to an end, I was paying £15 for 500 minutes any time any network – somewhat sort of a sweet deal I thought. Anyroad towards the end of it was was offered an upgraded free phone if I took out a new 18 month contract with 500 units (includes text this time) any time any network.

I refused. Don’t fall for the free phone offer PV people.

They bug me for ages until my contract expired – I tell them I’m just going to roll along with it month to month. Cos I’m out of contract, T-Mobile / Vodaphone and all other networks start calling me – they must have us on some sort of database – offering new deals to me. I keep saying no.

Finally 5 months after my contract had expired 3 become desperate and offered me the contract I am on now:

A new phone
18 month contract
500 units any network
2300 (two thousand three hundred – not a typo!) minutes to other 3 networks
All for £13.50 per month

My bills have never been so low and I’ve yet to meet someone who has a deal better than mine.

So when it comes to an upgrade people ignore it for a while (and the temptation of a free phone) and the company will come back with a better offer.