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    starlaugh wrote:
    I am more shocked on the fact that they go to the effort of looking at the students pages. They must be after catching them out for something…..:hopeless:

    they’ve been doing this for years (mate of mine was a brainy lecturer type chap and told me this was going on 8 years ago) – its all about the uni and the lecturers protecting their brand image, and also making students aware that they are publically accountable for the results of their “free speech”.

    many of these profs/lecturers google their own names regularly anyway to check that their work isn’t being ripped off / slagged off / quoted out of context or just to see who agrees and disagrees with them.

    most of the time nothing goes anywhere near a courtroom but the student gets warned they won’t get a degree if they don’t remove this sort of stuff (I bet their marks won’t be so good as like cops, teachers tend to close ranks)

    Or maybe it is because of this cyber-bullying of teachers they keep mentioning

    thats probably why its suddenly become “news”.